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It is safe to say that this year I have not been the best of bloggers, I basically fell off the face of the earth with blogging what with the organising tours and writing my own book! However, I have to do my top book of the year it’s tradition. This year I have 32 top-top books this year which I have listed below. They all deserve a mention because they are fabulous – but this year I am going to list my top 3 books (Well…if I can!) which of course includes the coveted book of the year! Exciting times! I haven’t read as many books as normal this year and I was more stricter on myself with what I would class as a contender.

So these are the 28 books that all deserve honourable mentions because they were quite frankly amazing! They all stuck with me for one reason or another!

Ok, so in no particular order, Book 2 and 3 for the year

Both books have the same thing in common, spooky goings on! Both books have stuck with me and I can’t wait to read more from either of these authors.

Here is a snippet from my reviews

Shadow of Doubt by Michelle Davies “God, I cant explain anywhere near as coherently as I want to, to how epic this book was. I didn’t want to put it down, I didn’t want to work I wanted to read and mostly I wanted to know who the heck Limey Stan was. It is definitely one of my top reads so far this year. It had everything I wanted and so much more from a book. Just don’t start it late at night because you will be sucked down that rabbit hole of unrelenting reading, especially with the short and snappy chapters to keep you captivated.”

Blind House by Jamie Lee Brooke“What I have to say, I will be one of those people sorry, is that twist! OH MY DAYS! I thought it was cleverly done and so well played. I didn’t see it coming and it was a moment where you had to gasp. I loved the fact the writing leans you to automatically think one thing but then you are so off the mark it’s fricking brilliant! I personally loved it.”

So my book of the year? Well, this was a book that I knew straight away when I read it that nothing could top it. I was right, don’t get me wrong the other books were close but there was something so magical about this book I just knew. Even now it is a book that evokes all the emotions for me. I just love it!


Here is my review, in case you wanted to know why this one was my favourite.

I honestly do not know how to review this book. It has broken me, it has drained me and even though I knew what could happen it is still a book that I will treasure forever.

The story follows John and Jessica from the very moment they met in a lecture hall all the way through to their mission to Mars. It was fascinating reading about how astronauts prepare for these trips and yet there were no details that bogged you down. It was perfectly balanced as you follow these two best friends on their journey. So much I didn’t realise that went on behind the scenes let alone up in space.

I loved it! It flowed perfectly, it never dragged. In fact, I was loving it so much, I purposely took ages to read it because I didn’t want it to end. I even read it at mini-mes swimming lesson, thank god for face masks because it mopped up a few tears that I was trying to hide. By the time I was cooking dinner, I was sobbing. I just loved the people, the setting just everything. Even though the ending was really rather fitting, it’s the not ending I wanted and I wanted to hate it and scream at the characters because this isn’t how it is meant to be.

There have been 2 books that have completely destroyed me The Lion Tamer Who Lost and Him, and this book, well this book is up there for me. It is a book that will stay with me for such a long time. Jessica and John’s friendship is something we mere mortals could only dream of having. I mean I have close friends but they were something else. They just got each other. Everyone around them just got it. The bubble they had, not only them but the team, was a solid unit, they had each other.

This is a beautiful tale of love, forbidden love, family, friendships and all the bonds. I laughed, cried the ugly tears, and I lived in fear with all the characters. If there was ever a book I would shout at someone to buy, it would be this one.

That is all from me and my books! I want to thank all the authors and publishers for such amazing books!

Until next year xxx



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  1. Here’s to a more productive 2022, with reading, writing, blog touring abd reviewing!
    Thanks for everything, Zoe! (You know what I mean! 😘