Part 2 – It’s Grilling Time – An Interview With Carol Wyer @CarolEWyer #QandA #AuthorTakeOver

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This post is all about Carol, and what she is like just generally……..

Are you ready for this?

Welcome back Carol for more questions, where we learn about…well you!!! Let us kick it off by telling us a unique or quirky habit that you have.

Before I begin writing any book, I clean my desk and laptop, line up my pens and pencils (in order of size) next to my notebooks and sticky notes, and inhale and exhale ten times. I can’t work unless my office is clean and empty of all clutter (and Mr Grumpy).

I love this! Nothing like a bit of OCD to start your day, totally on board with this. Staying on the topic of writing, do you have a writing Kryptonite?

I don’t have one! Ha! I am a super-writing machine. Seriously, I write every day, almost non-stop and haven’t dried up yet. I’ve written 25 books and I still have more ideas in my head than time left to write them, although I am the worlds’ slowest typist. It takes me an hour to type 1000 words and then I have to correct most of them because of typos. 25 books and I still use only 3-4 fingers to type!

No, you don’t!!! Crazy talk, although I have said you are a machine! Do you have any real-life mysteries that could be a plot in one of your books?

Sadly, my life has only been filled with made-up mysteries.

Not sure if I should be disappointed or not LOL. Ok, the last question about writing….. when you write do you listen to any music, if so who?

I can’t have any distractions at all and work in silence. If I have music on, I’d only begin to wriggle and dance along to it. Not ideal when I’m sitting on a balance ball to type!

No! We don’t want you to fall off in an especially tense scene in your books. Fun time now! What is your favourite book and why?

I don’t have one. I read prolifically and love far too many books to answer this!

Well…that was a tumbleweed moment, it flew past, LOL. Let me rephrase then…what was your last 5* read?

Chris Merritt’s Knock Knock. Here’s a link to my Amazon review

I am huge fan of Chris’ surprised he hasn’t got a restraining order out on me yet though! Looking forward to reading book 2 in this series! What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview AND how would you answer it?

Question: My brother/father/husband/sister/wife/mother is a famous television producer and they’d like to turn your DI Natalie Ward books into a series of television dramas. How do you feel about that?

Answer: I’d like to sign the contract now please.

I am laughing so much at that! Brilliant!! If the world suddenly ended and you found out you were the last person on the planet, what would you do?

I would HATE to be the last person on earth. Who would I write for? I’m not good left to my own devices. I’d probably just sit in my house and rock backwards and forwards until I faded away.

Well we have your movie choices sorted, but we will have to make sure that this doesn’t happen! So you are writing and writing, what is the funniest typo you have written?

My manuscripts are absolutely stuffed with typos some days when my fingers are aching through typing all day. I once typed an email to my editor to say I was happy with the edits and it ended up as ‘I’m happy to shit.’

Not the funniest but almost the most embarrassing. Fortunately, I don’t trust either my spellcheck or my eyesight and caught it in time.

And what a typo that is! LOL. Sadly it is the final question…does Prince Charming exist?

Sure he does. I’m married to him. He was tall, dark and handsome when I met him. Nowadays, he’s tall, grey and still handsome (bear in mind my eyesight is really bad and I can’t see a thing without glasses). He’s grumpy (very grumpy) and some days is hard work, but he has stood by me for over 30 years, during highs and lows, and we still laugh at the same things and have mad moments together.

Aw I had to end on that question, I mean what a lovely answer 🧡💛💚💘

Carol, you are A legend! Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions! It has been fabulous getting to know you more!

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