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Predator by Zoe Caldwell
Published by Bloodhound Books on November 2 2020
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Pages: 230

Meet Camilla.
A successful and glamorous fashion magazine editor who has it all.

But Camilla has a secret.

Underneath her poised exterior lurks a cold dark heart and an insatiable need to kill. A murderer of bad men, Camilla sees herself as a #MeToo vigilante, making the world a better place with every abuser she kills. When Camilla murders Julian Taylor, she’s sure she can escape justice, but a new detective is given the case and is closing in.

Can Camilla get away with murder or has her luck finally run out?

Happy Publication Day Zoe!!! What a way to kick start the week by picking up this book – it has been hailed Dexter in Stilettos!!

Check out a snippet here

I really can see why this book has been hailed as Dexter in Stilettos, Camilla the MC is just so kick-ass!! I found that I was hooked throughout this book, I lived vicariously through Camilla and her plight for getting justice against a certain type of men.

I love that this is a different kind of book that I needed to read. This a vigilante story, one that shows a strong woman enacting justice…maybe where she shouldn’t be but fricking glamourous at doing it.

Camilla is just so alive, when you meet her she doesn’t feel it. She feels like she is a void, but as an outsider, you feel like she is alive. She gets the thrill from doing something she absolutely shouldn’t be doing but I could not fault her reason and part of me was egging her to carry on. I wanted her to carry on her plan, I wanted her to get justice. I mean I could be an accomplice with the thoughts I had throughout the books.

There is something so charismatic about Camilla. Yes, she is aloof with her friends, and refer to the void comment above. Yet, I found I was enamoured by her. There really was something so fascinating about her and I was totally hooked by her. She knows what she wanted and was not afraid to embrace her darkness, there is a lot of darkness not only in her actions but her past. A connection, that is all that is needed. She provided us with a lot of sex, lust and gore but not all at the same time…..well…….

I have never read anything by Zoe Caldwell before but I know that the next time I see a book with her name on, I will be there with bells on if this was anything to go by. Her writing is like her characters, intoxicating, riveting and addictive. I didn’t want to put this book down but before I knew it was over. Gutted. I wanted more! LOL. I would love to see a sequel for sure!

Check out Zoe reading a snippet from her book.

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