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So after I had one successful Q&A with an author, I thought I would take a deep breath and contact another author of a book I had recently read. I got such a positive reception from her and she agreed to answer some questions for me! To say the least I probably overdid it with thanks but I was delighted she agreed to it! The author in question is A.E Murphy of the Broken series (Check out a previous post for a review on this series). 

I love doing these Q&A’s (I know it is only 2 so far!) but I love the insights I have gained. Shout out again to A.E Murphy who took the time to answer these questions!! Check out how to follow the author at the bottom of the post and where to buy her current books. Her new book Lockhart was released on 1st March.

  • When you develop characters do you already know who they are before you begin writing or do you let them develop as you go?

Nope, not a clue! Sometimes I think I have an idea of who I want them to be but by a third of the way through the book, they’re writing the story themselves.

  • Which of the series that you have written is your favourite and why?

My favourite series to write was the Broken Trilogy. Gwen and Nathan’s story broke me in so many ways and writing their story helped me grow so much as a writer. Gwen is a naïve teen-twenty something and Nathan is a broken twenty something with so much pain.

  • Did it make it easier or harder to write the series being your favourite?

Easier, the words just flowed. It was an amazing experience.

  • Were there any edits from any of your that did not make the books? Do you wish they had?

Nothing from the final edits but I would write chapters and remove them as I wrote because they didn’t feel true to the character’s nature. I like to keep my characters as realistic as possible. I think when a character does something that a normal person wouldn’t do with that kind of personality, it ruins a book and makes it unbelievable. I work hard to ensure this doesn’t happen. I hope I’ve succeeded.

  • If you had to write yourself, would you be a heroine or would you be villainous? What would you be like and what would you name yourself?

Villainous! Definitely. I try to be a good person in life but if I was granted gifts to put me above everybody I doubt I’d be as gracious to the assholes of the world as I am now. I’d definitely be villainous, hahaha. At least I’m honest. I’d name myself Xela… first name that popped into my head. It’s my name backwards. I suppose it’s fitting, writing a character who is the exact opposite of who I strive to be in everyday life. I’d flip my name and be on my merry evil way.

  • Out of all your books, what was the hardest chapter to finish and why?

OMG!! My newest release Lockhart, it’s a trilogy. It goes Lockhart, Lockdown, Unlocked. Lockhart just released today on the 1st March. But it’s in Lockdown that the devastation happens. There’s a chapter in there that genuinely had me feeling so nauseous. I almost scrapped the series entirely and I had to take a little break after writing it to remind myself that I’m not a horrible person.

  • If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

I’d spend time with Maya and her posse from the Little Bits Series. They’re insane and so much fun!

  • What’s your schedule like as a writer? Do you work 9 to 5, or fit it in where you can around other things like a job or running a household?

All of the above, I have another job that pays the bills but the majority of my day when I’m not working is spent writing. I’m dedicated, I want this to be all I do one day because writing is all I want to do! Though my kids come first of course, I have to keep them alive after all.

  • Is there a subject you would never write about? Why?

I’ll write about anything if the story calls for it, so long as it doesn’t involve certain hardcore porn elements. The disgusting kind that I shan’t name. Yuck.

  • Where is your favorite place to write?

On my couch, in my living room, with a coffee by my side.

  • What is your favourite book and why?

Transcendence by Shay Savage. Or Sabriel, Lyrael, Abhorsen by Garth Nyx.

  • Which of your books would you love to see on the big screen, and who would you cast?

I’d love to see ALL of them on the big screen haha, I’m not sure who I’d cast, I don’t like to give my readers too much info because it can be off-putting, imagining somebody you don’t find attractive in the place of somebody who should be.

  • What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer it?

I’m not sure to be honest! I think every question I can think of has been covered in this interview. You nailed it hehe.

  • What are you working on now?

Right now I’m dabbling with a really dark, villainous romance which will be a prequel to a future series I’m working on. It’ll be the villains’ back stories of why they are the way they are. I’ve called it, F**king Psychos. I’m really excited to see how people respond to me stepping way out of my comfort zone!

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