Roll Call, there will be a TakeOver in 2020…an #AuthorTakeOver!

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Yes, yes you did read that right! Next year is the year three (originally two) things will happen on this blog!

First, it is the Year of Wilbur Smith. I plan to read the Courtneys, Ballatynes, Egyptians and Hector Cross series. Now, this is no mean feat! As it stands there are 18 books in the Courtney series, 6 books in the Ballatynes series with 1 out in 2020, 6 books in the Egyptians series and 3 in the Hector Cross series!! A lot right…now I will also tell you that most of the books are over 500 pages!! Now I am not sure how many I am going to read but I am planning on blitzing a few. Plus I do have to get the new shiny covers!

*Update since I wrote this post and planned it, I went to the cinema and went to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. (Beyond epic I LOVE STAR WARS!) I was probably the biggest geek in the cinema which lead me to think I need to read the books…So in addition to Wilbur Smith year and the Author TakeOver, I will be reading the Star War books, starting with the Legends timeline and crossing over to the Canon timeline when I need to. I won’t list all the books below because well… will take all day as there are over 50! I mean 11 books alone in The Pre-Republic and The Old Republic Era. Instead, I will show the first two books that I am reading

Ok, so that was the small part of next year (!!) the big news I have is my blog, throughout the year, will be taken over by authors!!

How did this brainchild start?!

Well, I have seen so many awesome bloggers sing for a month or so about their favourite indie publishers, which started the cogs in my head whirring. At the same time, I had won a giveaway hosted by an author and I won such an awesome present, which set more cogs whirring. I love the idea of bloggers thanking the publishers for publishing epic books but I wanted to do something different. I wanted to thank the authors. The authors whose books in one way or another have meant something to me, or stayed with me. Not only that, the ones that I have some interaction with on social media, some of these authors I would like to say I can call a”friend”.

Image result for friend gifs inbetweeners

I have contacted some authors (1 still to reply and I would freak out if it is the answer I am looking for) and the feedback and excitement I have got back have been absolutely amazing!! I didn’t realise that one small thing could have this much effect. If it hadn’t been for the feedback from the first author I reached out to, I am not sure this little baby would not even be kicked started, so you can all thank the absolutely fabulous Carol Wyer for this!! Once I contacted her with my idea it completely snowballed out of control…but in a good way!

For some of the authors, dates have been confirmed and a week/fortnight/month has been blocked out. It will basically be a party celebrating the author. I will be reviewing all the books I have not already read and re-sharing any reviews I have already done. There will a profile on the author, there may be Q&A’s, there may be excerpts, there may even be some guest posts, fingers crossed some surprises too even for the authors (!) and finally, there will more than likely be a LOT of giveaways and hopefully exclusive content to tease you all about! Most of the dates tie in with anniversaries, new book releases, the month of love or horror or their birthdays!

Please also do join in! I will be planning the schedule and posting it up so if you want to read the books or re-share your reviews please do so! It’s a time to shout about these authors!

I hope to bring to you the authors I love and hope you will love, you might even discover a new favourite author or book in the list below!

Who is on board so far in this Take Over?? I am excited about ALL of them! So many epic books to read and share!!

I have not finished contacting all the authors, but if this is something you might want to hop on to, please let me know!!

Image preview

Ok, we will start with my Year of the author:-

Wilbur Smith

Courtney Series

Ballantyne Series

Egyptian Series

Hector Cross Series

And the TakeOver begins!

Wendy Dranfield

Rich Amooi

Chris Merritt

Amanda James

Gina Kirkham

Jane Cable

Lizzie Chantree

Patricia Dixon

Olga Gibbs

Kim Nash

Noelle Holten

Louise Beech

Jonathan Janz

And last but by no means least!!

Carol Wyer

DI Robyn Carter

Detective Natalie Ward


Phew! Good thing I have read some of these before! But I am really excited about this feature! I have a couple more authors that I am planning on contacting too! This is reading on top of any tours I am signed up for (currently 5 for so far!) and my ARCs, NetGalley and personal choices……best thing I can take my time to read them yay!!

Do hope you will also take part and reshare your reviews or if you want to join in with any of the authors let me know and I can let you know dates if you want to share your reviews and take part too. 🙂

Look forward to starting 2020!

Until next time xxx



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59 responses to “Roll Call, there will be a TakeOver in 2020…an #AuthorTakeOver!

    • Zoé

      Obviously join in wherever you can by re sharing or reading the books when I do the author takeover?! That would be fab xx

  1. Haha – you’ve got some amount of reading lined up for this year, then! I hope you’re not planning on doing much sleeping… 😉 Sounds fab – hope you have lots of fun with it and I look forward to hearing more about your chosen authors!

    • Zoé

      Thank you! I know I didn’t realise how much until I started looking at the list! It’s ok it’s not for tours so no pressure To read to deadlines.