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Posted May 6, 2021 by Zoé in Book Reviews / 2 Comments's our secret by Lizzie Chantree
Published by BHC Press on May 6 2021
Format: eARC
Source: Net Galley

Violet has a secret that could change the lives of everyone she knows and loves, especially the regulars at the run-down café bar where she works. After losing her parents at a young age, they are the closest thing she has to a family and she feels responsible for them.

Kai is a jaded music producer who has just moved outside of town. Seeking solitude from the stress of his job, he's looking for seclusion. The only problem is he can't seem to escape the band members and songwriters who keep showing up at his house.

When Kai wanders into the bar and Violet's life, he accidently discovers her closely guarded secret. Can Kai help her rediscover her self-confidence or should some secrets remain undiscovered?


Message from Lizzie –

Thank you for inviting me onto Zooloo’s Book Diary today. I’m thrilled to be sharing details about my latest book, which is called Shh… It’s Our Secret.

We all have moments where we feel a low sense of self-worth. In SHh… It’s our secret, my main character, Violet, is very shy. She works in a rundown café bar at the heart of the community, but she has an explosive secret that could change all of their lives. She has to overcome her fear of being judged, of failing and step into the limelight to prove to her sister, ex-boyfriend and her closest friends, that she has more to offer the world than they bargained for. To do that she must take a leap of faith, overcome her deep-rooted fears and find her voice.

This book is full of friendship, laughter and fun, as well as second chances at love. It is a romantic tale about pushing doubts aside and believing in ourselves more.

Oh, Lizzie!! You have done it again! I had such a lump in my throat by the end of the book it was unreal. I knew to expect something like that when I read this book as it is the way but I had to grab a glass of water this time!! This is such a lovely story of love, loss ad growth. Violet, crippling shy and completely downtrodden thanks to her idiot ex-boyfriend Liam. He took everything from her, he broke her. Then Kai, a meeting by chance, changes everything she knows and holds on to dearly.

I love stories where things can happen to people. A bit like Sliding Doors, the what-ifs, and this is a HUGE what if. If Kai had not been in the café that day when Violet was singing who knows where she would be now.

The supporting cast are a delight! I loved Esme and Doris, Cole, Danny and Trina, plus Violet’s best friends. All played a part in her journey. All testing her and supporting her in different ways. The proper little family. There a whole host of characters who will stay with you and can I have them as my friends?

I found this was a book I wanted to keep reading, even though it was way past my bedtime one night I still wanted to stay up and read it. I was sucked into the world Lizzie had created and I didn’t want to leave. I loved the café/bar of Shh…it’s our Secret and would love for it to be a real place. It sounds like a lovely welcoming and special place, plus I love live music! Family is definitely who you make it and it is something I have always thought, this book just reconfirms that for me!

I always snap up any book that Lizzie’s writes, I know I am behind but I have them on my bookshelf shouting to be read. To me, she is a magical storyteller who allows me some time to get sucked into a happy place for a few hours and enjoy the words in front of me.

Until next time xxx

My thanks to Lizzie for sending me a copy of her book through NetGalley in return for my honest and unbiased review

About Lizzie Chantree

Award-winning inventor and author, Lizzie Chantree, started her own business at the age of 18 and
became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year in 2000.
She discovered her love of writing fiction when her children were little and now runs networking hours
on social media, where creative businesses, writers, photographers and designers can offer advice and
support to each other. She lives with her family on the coast in Essex.

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  1. Thank you for being a part of my launch day and for this wonderful review and beautiful post! The review almost made me cry (happy tears of course!) Reading things like this review, is what keeps me writing. I really appreciate your incredible support. X