So Who or What inspired me to read! My post my inspiration and rambles #Bloggerlove

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So following on from the fab guest posts I have had the last couple of days I would share my thoughts…well ramblings of my inspiration to why I started reading!

Reading is my passion! Ever since I was little, I remember just devouring books, as soon as I was old enough to go to the library by myself, I would be down there on a Saturday morning! Deciding which 7 books I wanted to take home with me, 7 was the limit! Half the time I would be there all morning, as I just could not decide walking up and down the aisles. As I got older, I would take my dad’s library card and take out 7 books on his card, but this time is the adult books like Stephen King and Richard Laymon.

All the books I loved to read were horror books! I would sit and read happily in my room, scaring myself with some books even at a young age, and I still do now! I would then try to write a scary book too! This did not amount to anything. I have a vivid memory of my early teens, we were having a BBQ Party at home, not old enough to drink, so I went upstairs and sat and read The Lord of the Rings, I so know how to rock and roll!!

When I went to university, instead of spending my money on textbooks (which I did), I ended up wandering over to the book section where I discovered Darren Shan Cirque du Freak series, by this point I was probably too old for them Pah! That was not going to stop me! I think when I discovered his books, the first 7 had been released and over that weekend I had read them all!! I was gutted because then it was a case of having to eagerly wait for the next book and then finish it that afternoon. Note to everyone, do not watch the film!!! Always read the book before watching the film is my advice!

I still use books as my escapism! When I use to go running over the Salisbury plains in Tidworth, surrounded by the army tanks, I wouldn’t be listening to music, I would be listening to a book, Mortal Instruments truth be told, I listened to all of them and Infernal Devices when out running and driving 172 miles a day when commuting back home for work.

These days, with my blog I am discovering so many new authors and stories I need to read. New series to be addicted to and rediscovering my love for the horror. Something new to immerse me in, share the love of the story and fall in and out of love with new characters.

I have also started to read to my little lady every night before bed. She has heard the first three books in Chronicles of Narnia as she loves the film, and recently we have finished Matilda which she adores. I brought her all the Ronald Dahl books, so we are working our way through them!

With my blog, it has been amazing! I get to make friends with people who love books just as much as me and in some cases more! I get excited over books coming out and I know there are other people all over the world just like me!

I am hoping that my little lady enjoys reading just as much as me and we can start to enjoy them more together.

Until next time xxx

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13 responses to “So Who or What inspired me to read! My post my inspiration and rambles #Bloggerlove

  1. Fabulous post Zoé. Loved Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton as a child and then when I was a teenager going on to read Point Horror, even a few Stephen King books (I wasn’t always a scaredy cat) 😂 xx

    • Zoé

      Thanks lovely! That means a lot! I love both RD and EB and Judy Blume! Point horrors were defo awesome I still have some!! Lol I definitely got your age right then when I was working it out on the Chinese New Year 🤣 xx

  2. Great taste in reading Zoé most of my favourite are there . I love crime thrillers/ horrors too. Kathy Reich, Tess Gerritsen, historical Ken Fillet, Sifi Ted Baker, Douglas Adams, I could go on 🌹

    • Zoé

      Kathy is a legend!! I need to catch up with her series! She’s is an amazing storyteller. Thanks willow ❤️