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Another post for you today as we are all gearing up for the festival. It is all getting a bit hectic in HQ but you can definitely sense the excitement brewing! Some new signage has gone up in our foyer and stairwell in Quarterhouse

During this week, I managed to pin down some of my work friends and the BOSS man and Deputy BOSS woman and I asked them to highlight a couple of events that they are most excited about!!

If you click on the name of the event it will take you through to more information and the all-important ticket purchases area so you don’t miss out!

Marita, Development Manager, Contracts and Relationships

I am interested in Siri Hustvedt: Memories of the Future (19th November, 8pm) and Richard Dawkins: Outgrowing God (23rd November, 12pm).


They both address questions of existentialism in different ways. Why are we here and what is life all about.  

Angela, Head of Finance (and my boss!!)

I am intrigued by Charles Moore – Margaret Thatcher: Herself Alone (20th November 6pm)

Why? As the first female prime minister  who won 3 elections her exit  and the story behind is fascinating

I also want to see Nicci Gerrard & Sara Imarisio: Dementia and Future Care (21st November 8pm)

Why? Hearing  and learning more about other people’s experience of this appalling illness that is increasing across the population adds to the understanding of the realities that need to be faced.

Jo, Assistant Curator, Folkestone Artworks & Triennial 2020

My choices are Gavin Esler: Brexit Without The Bullshit (22nd November, 6pm)

Why? Every day I hear and read about the B***** word and rather than becoming more informed – I seem to have become more confused, less concerned and bored of it all. I’m looking forward to hearing Gavin talk about his version of how Brexit will affect our daily lives, especially as it takes place before the next general election.

Also, John Browne – Make, Think, Imagine: Engineering The Future of Civilisations (24th November, 12pm)

Why? Anything with Make, Think, Imagine in the title sounds intriguing and important in our current climate, it’s also in good stead for the Folkestone Triennial next year.

Oli, Folkestone Artworks Co-ordinator

The two I am eager to see are Nicholas Crane: You Are Here (20th November, 8pm)

Why? I’ve long nurtured an interest in geography, travel and the world around me, therefore, the ideas of human connectivity to the planet or lack of it, appeal to me greatly.

Damian Collins & Peter Pomerantsev: The Truth Is Not Propaganda (22nd November, 8pm)

Why? The subject of the media’s reach and its power to control our perceptions of the world is an increasingly significant issue with the expansion of IT in our lives. With internet-based organisations harvesting user data to target us with manipulative content, it seems to me increasingly important to understand the truth behind it all.

Laura, Marketing Assistant (Photo is pending! She is a real person honest!) (She was also a bit naughty and chose more than 2!)

I am looking forward to the Strange Concords: Words & Music Time Machine Events – 1876: USA & Russia (16th November, 10:30am)

Why? It is a unique event, being held in a beautiful venue with Robert Glenister performing and Saskia Giorgini playing the piano. It is a once in a lifetime performance!

I am also looking forward to Carrie Gracie : Equal (16th November, 6pm)

Why? Due to her incredible backstory of taking on the BBC for equal pay – I think she will be a really inspirational speaker!

Next up is Elif Shafak – 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World (16th November, 8pm)

Why? Elif Shafak’s new novel sounds really powerful and interesting and she is a strong advocate for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights and freedom of speech.

And finally, Kerry Hudson: Lowborn (Down the Chipper) Read by Gillian Deane (23rd November, 4pm)

Why? It’s in an unusual location, a chip shop! The intimate, one-woman performance examines Kerry Hudson’s working-class upbringing, touching on traumatic experiences, but ultimately is an uplifting and life-affirming show.

Michelle, Head of Development

The two I am looking forward to are Caroline Lucas – The Future Is Green (16th November, 2pm)

Why? I think she is a really inspirational leader and is obviously talking about one of the biggest issues of our times

And Words & Music Time Machine Events – 1966: Caribbean & England (17th November, 3pm and 8pm)

Why? I am intrigued to see how this music and words event works and I loved Wide Sargasso Seas.

Penni, Executive and Project Assistant

Mine would be Ben Okri: Prayer for the Living (15th November, 7pm)

Why? I’m interested in the author’s background, he lived in London before returning to Nigeria with his family in the late 1960s. His earlier fiction explores the political violence that he witnessed at first hand during the civil war in Nigeria. He’s experienced the consequences of war first hand, and also the contrast between London and Nigeria must have been massive.

And William Feaver: The Lives of Lucian Freud (17th November, 12pm)

Why? Because I love Lucian Freud’s work, and can’t get enough of hearing about his life and work.

Lauren, Creative Workspaces Manager (Contracts)

God, how to choose! First would be Strange Concords : Words & Music Time Machine Events – 1876: USA & Russia (16th November, 10:30am and 1pm)

Why? I love fantasy and beautiful sounds and this is right up my street!

Adrian Dunbar & Catherine Heaney: Seamus Heaney – A Living Legacy (19th November, 4pm)

Why? I like the actor Adrian Dunbar when he was in Line of Duty! But seriously, the combination of him and discussion of poetry is the perfect combo for me!

Sharon, Acting Creative Workspaces Manager – Community

I am looking forward to Adrian Dunbar & Catherine Heaney: Seamus Heaney – A Living Legacy (19th November, 4pm)

Why? Same reasons as Lauren! Adrian is a TV Celeb! But more seriously, I think it will be interesting to learn more about Seamus Heaney and the influences he had.

Tim Bouverie & Timothy Garton Ash – History Lessons (21st November, 6pm)

Why? I am interested in 20th Century history and how it has moulded our lives today.

Zoé, Assistant Finance Manager (Yup that would be me!!)

Well, I kinda had to answer this question! My choices would be!

Anastasia Dukakis & Marijam Didžgalvytė: The Future of Gaming (23rd November, 12pm)

Why? I am a bit of gamer when I am not reading, so to learn more about the gaming world and the evolution of it and where it is going to go in the future intrigues me, especially with how games are nowadays!

Story Machine Productions Presents: Kerry Hudson & Sam Ruddock – Writing Your Life Workshop (23rd November, 11am)

Why? As I am now in the process of writing a book, well when I get the time to and the confidence to do, I think this workshop would be awesome to attend!

And on to the Big Dog and the Deputy Big Dog!

Fiona, Deputy Big Dog aka Deputy Chief Executive

The two events that I’m really looking forward to are the Nicci Gerrard & Sara Imarisio: Dementia and Future Care (21st November, 8pm)

Why? Partly because it interests me on a personal level, and also as she is someone who is famous as a crime writer this is an interesting subject for her to cover.

I’m also looking forward to Lemn Sissay: My Name Is Why (23rd November, 8pm)

Why? I’ve heard him speak a few times on the radio and he comes across as a really passionate speaker with a very moving life story to share. Plus his poetry is beautiful.

And Finally,

Alastair, The Big Dog aka Chief Excective

My big tip is for Damian Collins & Peter Pomerantsev: The Truth Is Not Propaganda (22nd November, 8pm) discussing disinformation, fake news, trolls, bots, and our increasingly tenuous grip on truth and the reality It should reveal. 
Nothing could be more timely. 
And these two will give the most amazing insight into this issue. Peter has written two books on the subject and Damian has led the DCMS parliamentary select committee investigation into the issue. 
And how do I know they will be good? I’m chairing the event and have read the books!

Wow, so many different tips for you (and me!) There is definitely something for everyone at this festival! Hope you check it out and keep an eye out for more from me!!

To check out the full programme and so much more -click here

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