Sunday morning musing….with a cup of tea

Posted February 4, 2018 by Zoé in Blog / 0 Comments

Nothing like a Sunday morning read in your PJs with a nice cup of tea. The theme that I am thinking about today is unreliable narrators.

Reading more and more of #thewomaninthewindow and having read #thewomanincabin10 I have this recurring theme. I quite like this theme personally as I feel like you are playing detective in a book that you don’t have all the information only what the narrator wants to give you, adding to further my enjoyment. Anna seems to be struggling with her agoraphobia and lives a life of regret, drugs and drink, but why we don’t know yet. (Well I don’t anyway so give me time)

Does she see what she leads you to believe she sees?

Is someone going to manipulate Anne into thinking she didn’t see it adding to more inner turmoil, more drugs and drink? (This is the path I think we will travel down)

Or does she have something to hide from the reader and is leading us down a wild goose chase to distract us from the truth?

Whatever the case at times the reader can feel a bit ‘helpless’ as we can only see and hear things we are allowed to see and hear. This is never the bigger picture or more importantly the truth.

Who is your favourite unreliable narrator and why? 



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