That is a wrap February. Where did it go?!

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Man it has been a busy month, well I think it has because I can’t believe it’s over already!! Not quite sure what happened there!

So childminder situation is sorted thank god! And as I type she had her first day there and didn’t want to come home! (It’s monday by the way)

I went to an awesome gig with the #dreamteam of gigging as we went to see a band called Palaye Royale who we saw at Reading last year. It was awesome!! Drank a lot and jumped around a lot laughing and singing. Plus a bit of beer pong after the gig! My mother (!!) decided to forget I was staying the night and had her friend stay over so I was kicked out my room into Alicia’s (which is my old room) and had to sleep in her bed! Good thing I am bloody short that is for sure!!

I am trying to think what else has happened?! Oh yes we have started chopping everything down in the garden, so far all the bamboo and most of the left side has been chopped. I use “we” loosely, I have watched from the bedroom window because apparently I am not safe to use a chainsaw – the cheek!

We have finally re-watched all the Harry Potter films and mini me loves them, so at bedtime we read a chapter together and we are of course starting at the beginning. It is awesome to see her so excited by it. She is currently trying to read The Magician’s Nephew by herself (First Narnia book).

Well, on to my bookish month then!

What have I read this month?

What have I bought this month? (inc Kindle Unlimited)

Book Post, Library, Giveaways and NetGalley

4 Tour books in there… #justsaying

What have I posted this month?

Still going with the Should I Stay or Go feature – running slowly out of books – It means Round 2 to start soon, or 3…not sure. What else did I post?

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And I re-shared my Review of Madam Love, Actually, Review of There’s Something About a Cowboy, Review of Dying to Meet You and Review of It’s Not PMS, It’s You

The next feature will be Chris Merritt in March, drop me a message if you want to know more!

Well, that is my wrap, how was your month? Hopefully a bit quieter than mine!!

Until next time xxx



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14 responses to “That is a wrap February. Where did it go?!

    • Zoé

      Well she’s stopped at the minute! lol she’s listening to me read her Harry Potter but she will go back to it. We read The Magicians Nephew together years ago.