That’s a Weekly Lap Wrap

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So I wanted to start my weekly feature again, and I thought now I am doing the Positivity Wave posts (Check out Week 1 and Week 2), I would do what most people do and move this to a Sunday. Not sure how long this will last! I mean I am still on a break but seem to be ever-present as normal!? How does that work? I am back being ill again, self-inflicted so I have so unsympathetically been told as I ate something I shouldn’t have and so this weekend has seen me drained and falling out with food again.

As my week is generally covered in the positivity wave I am not going to bore you with the same things over and over! So I will focus on all things bookish here!

I wanna say thank you for all the love that I and Steph have had on our Point Horror feature, check it out here #NostalgiAAARGH seems to rekindle teen memories for a lot of people which I am LOVING!!!

What have I read in the last week?

So for taking a break, I have not done so badly! I have read 2 for August tours and my Point Horror book!

What books have I brought in the last week?

What has landed on lap this week?

Dimensions Apart is my Uncle’s book – eek!!

Anything else in the last week?

Yup! That is right! I had a relapse on Netgalley and another ban has been enforced. No one seems to want to take my password from me and then post my reviews……lol

Right-o, I am off, even though I am not eating dinner anymore I have to cook. First day of the summer holidays for mini-me and she is off to a Summer camp for the day, first day Ninja Warriors – god help me!

How has your week been? Weekend?

Until next time xxx



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