That’s A Weekly Lap Wrap 11th August 19

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Well, this has been a quick week!! I had more blood tests done on Monday as I am still not friends with food, turns out there is nothing wrong in my blood and that I am still recuperating……OVER A MONTH LATER!!! Gah!!

I have spent this morning breaking all the rules on Danielle’s five books for the end of the world after I had broken the rules on Macs getting to know – check out the post here.

What have I read this week?

Not too bad I guess. I have properly slowed down! Need to pick up the pace, got my tour book for tomorrow to finish and two for Wednesday – oopsie!

What have I bought this week?

Only the one this week! This was free due to my Amazon prime membership.

What has landed on my lap this week?

I was invited to view two of the books and two were tour books, only 1 unauthorised click…………..

These were two surprise book posts this week – very happy blogger here!!!

ICYMI my post this week

I kicked this week off on Monday (as you do) with my review as part of the blog tour for The Holiday by T.M Logan

Tuesday saw my review for Tainted Love by T.S Hunter

Wednesday was an impromptu audiobook review of The Murderer’s Son by Joy Ellis

Thursday saw my stop on the blog tour for The Daughter-in-Law by Nina Manning (spoiler alert, I liked this book!)

And Friday started and ended with my Positivity Wave

Anything else?

Well apart from watching a couple of movies last night, a family movie and a non-family movie. Both were actually really good, Aladdin and Rocketman!

Mini-me is obsessed with loom bands so after a bit of sofa shopping I bought her a box, this, however, leads her to want to make them all afternoon and still going this morning.

I decided I want to sort out my Goodreads shelves and I will hopefully re-starting my feature of Should I stay or should I go next week, but once I have sorted out the shelves……..Why oh Why!

How has your week been? What books have you read?

Any tips on surviving loomband gate?

Until next time xxx



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19 responses to “That’s A Weekly Lap Wrap 11th August 19

  1. Loomband gate? *Somebody* may have accidentally hoovered all ours up so maybe that could happen OR play with her non stop till she is bored and then hide them (in the bin!) Looks like a busy and fun week for you there, hope you have had a lovely weekend! x

    • Zoé

      Oh somebody might have to do that here because I’m constantly getting moaned at that they can’t do them with out me 🤣 and then don’t know what they are doing! Lol chilled day today as I’m going to start preparing some packing lol hope you do too lovely xx

  2. I’m looking forward to Daughter in Law and Date Night.
    I’m so pleased look bands haven’t caught Naomi’s eye.
    I know the recovery time is frustrating but it’s great news that there is nothing more sinister and you need to be patient with yourself. ❤😍

  3. Maybe you can make some loom bands that go with your book covers, at least that way you get something useful out of it ;-)? Great to hear your blood tests came back ok! Give it some more time is all you can do…

    • Zoé

      Ha ha that isn’t a bad idea actually!! I will have to do that! See if mini me will let me lol
      Thanks lovely, I printed I will x