That’s A Weekly Lap Wrap 18th August 19

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Well, it has been another week! This is the first week I did not do the positivity wave mainly because I could not find a positive to share as dun dun dun still ill and I did not get much sleep this week, so have been a bit grumpy and so bored of it all lol. Anyway, shout out to the fab ladies who have cheered me up when I needed it!

And part of Danielle’s daily countdown – 39 days until Capital Crime Festival!

Friday I took the day off and went to Leeds Castle with my friend and her two little ones. Got a family ticket and so we can go back as much as we want in a year… guess where I am going today….with the same people lol.

Not much else has happened this week. For the first time in two years, I actually got stressed at work as I got screwed over by yet another assistant…beginning to take this personally! Anyway, Dark week this week at work, the building is on lockdown to the public and no one is in, so I should get a lot of work sorted before the end of the summer.

Still sorting out my GR shelves and my feature of Should I stay or Should I go, should hopefully be back in September. It was lovely to see you want me to bring it back! That defo made me smile!

On to more important things!!

What have I read this week?

Not too shabby this week, I mean 2 books are novellas and apparently if you are asking a certain blogger…they do not count!! ? LOL

What have I bought this week?

A few of these are on offer now on Amazon! Some of these were free!

What has landed on my lap this week?

Lookie here! No books! It has been hard to stay away from NG because I got sent 3 books to view but I haven’t clicked!!

ICYMI my posts this week

Monday saw me kick the week off with my Book Review of The Girl I used to Know by Faith Hogan

Tuesday I published my review of Who’s That Girl by T.S Hunter

Wednesday you lucky people got not one post but two! It started with Her Silent Cry by Lisa Regan and then Careless Whisper by T.S Hunter

Thursday I posted a guest post and excerpt by David Ellis Overturn

Friday I posted my review of Another You by Jane Cable

Saturday zip nada

Sunday (TODAY) I have just posted Part 2 of NostalgiAAARGH, with my review of Blind Date by R.L Stine, this also has a fun feature to check out. Also, check out Steph’s post as she has part 1!

Anything else?

Yesterday we watched the Secret Lives of Pets 2 and loved it. Then watched Holmes and Watson – skip it!

But bar that nothing really! Very quiet, I need it as next Sunday I will be at the Reading festival stalking Foo Fighters!

How has your week been? What books have you read? Exciting plans for the weekend?

Until next time xxx



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