That’s A #WeeklyLapWrap 25th August 19

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When you read this I will either be on my way or already at the READING FESTIVAL!!! OMG!!!!!!! I am so excited, I have never been to a festival before and I am only going for one day but still WAY excited!!! Eeeek and it’s bank holiday weekend! I am going to have lunch with my friend on Saturday (so yesterday when you read this lol) and then to the footy with my mum. I am looking forward to the match but nervous, be nice to get a win but we shall see.

Been a little less grumpy this week, maybe because I have something to look forward to, maybe because work has been quiet and I have been able to get my head down. Still not feeling great and keeping a list of foods to not touch but I am SO BORED OF THIS NOW! ? So going to not even acknowledge it anymore. lol

Getting closer to sorting out my GR shelves thank god – I always do this, love little projects and get bored halfway through.

Because I forgot to add it into my positivity wave, here is my favourite song for the moment to get me into the mood for Reading….. (You know that festival I am going to)

Hell yeah!!

On to all things bookish…..I think it has been a bit quiet……..

What have I read this week?

Another quiet week for me. A tour read with the review being up on Saturday (Yesterday – god this is confusing me!lol) And two audiobooks, one which was EPIC!

What have I bought this week?

In prep for the author event in October….and, I have included ones I have added to my Kindle Unlimited membership.

What has landed on my lap this week?

I was invited to read a couple of these and these are still approvals coming through. No clicking honest!

ICYMI my posts this week

Monday – nothing

Tuesday – it’s empty

Wednesday – nothing to see here

Thursday – Yay a post! AudiobookReview of Death’s Dark Veil by Patricia Dixon

FridayMy Positivity Wave

Saturday – My stop on the Where the Snow Bleeds by Wendy Dranfield tour – epic book!

Sunday – This post only!

Wow-what has happened to me!! I use to be chockablock! My next tour is September 5th for a review. So I am hoping to clear some books…..

Anything else?

Have I mentioned something called the Reading Festival? No?! Well I am there now!! (Not as I write this, I am at my desk doing that!) Can’t believe the summer is nearly over and I have not taken any holiday – the reasons behind this will be revealed soon, well I bloody hope!

How has your week been? Do I need to add any more books to my list lol

Until next time xxx



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