That’s A Weekly Lap Wrap 28th July 19

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I am back again! This week has felt long! It started off rubbish, I was ill again and then my car broke down and £200 later it is still not fixed!! Loved the mini-heatwave as I got to paddle in the sea on my lunch break and I had a couple of evenings to myself, I sat in the garden until dark reading. Lush!

However, today is a remembrance day for me. I won’t do a separate post for it but today is the 10th anniversary that I lost my Dad. Now I was a HUGE Daddy’s girl and by the end, a lot of promises were made to me, ones he could not keep. I have spent the last 10 years still grieving. I have had a whole wash of emotions from anger to sadness to happiness it has been a rocky road and it is one I am still living. I never gave myself the chance to grieve properly and this is why 10 years on I struggle. I think of all things he missed out on, walking me down the aisle, meeting Alicia and just everything in between. I will have a morning playing Elvis and thinking, so before I get too down and deep here are some memories I wanted to share with you, they all make me smile…

I normally spend the day with my mum but we are planning to do something together once we have been paid. Instead, today I am sitting staring out the window hoping that it does not rain and that when the boy comes back from playing golf, we can take mini-me to cycle park so we can take her on a bike ride. Yesterday was a long afternoon in the swimming pool, but she had fun…me well my tankini needs to be rethought!!!

Okay, let us take a look at some books instead!

What have I read in the last week?

Well, it has been a slow week hasn’t!! I really have been taking it easy with the reading……Buuuutttttttt I might have to pick up the pace again, and this was not even a tour book. I know right, I read a book for publication day instead – who am I these days?!

What books have I brought in the last week?

My monthly audible credit and a freebie on Amazon after Drew’s review (The Tattooed Book Geek), check it out here

What has landed on lap this week?

OMG! I was such a happy blogger yesterday when I got my surprise Orenda package! I never expected to receive it! I may have squealed a little… OK OK A LOT!!

A nice gift from a blogger, one blog tour and three ARCs! All very exciting!!!

Anything else in the last week?

I did one click! That is only because it was a Read Now and I could not miss out on Lesley Kara!! One is also a blog tour, so I had to click that but otherwise, I have done zero clicking, these are some of my pending approvals. I am working on clearing a chunk over the summer….I do have a long way to go to get to the elusive 80% badge, it’s something I can only dream of at the moment!

How has your week been? Have you had a good weekend?

Until next time xxx



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