That’s A #WeeklyLapWrap 11th November 2019

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I have been really lapsed at doing this feature! Just never have any time at the moment! Well in my world, my Monday started off with yet another temp letting me down, this one didn’t even turn up! I am so resigned to the fact I am now cursed or that role is!

The weekend was a bit busy, started off watching the boys win 2-0 on TV against Norwich – happy hornet here! Finally off the bottom of the table, now to keep going. Mini-me and I started a puzzle because she was not going to let me sit and read, then it got a bit competitive in our household whilst watching Dover in the FA Cup! I was the left side of the puzzle and mini-me and the boy did the right, although he did some when we were at a 4-year-old birthday party – shocking behaviour. So for her birthday (which is in 21 days as we have to give her the daily countdown 🙈), I have mentioned to family to get more of these! Not sure who is more excited!

Can’t remember what else has happened! Football, reading, stuff. Off to Susi Holliday and Will Carver’s book launch this week – can’t wait! Looking forward to seeing some awesome bloggers and to be reunited with my adoptive sisters you know who you are!😉🤣

Oh and I guess the big news for me, I started NaNoWriMo, I have had this idea in my head for a book for years and before November I was on about 6,000 words….it’s been like that for a long time but Thursday I stuck my headphones in and wrote an additional 1,557 words, I am currently 10 days behind but I am hoping to get a lot more done this week! It is probably going to be a lot of trollope but it’s a personal book as it’s part autobiographical but a lot of fiction too. The prologue and epilogue are done, just trying to figure out the middle. I have 4 chapters done that need fleshing out.

So on to all things bookish then, and it has been a busy one!

What am I currently reading?

What have I read this week? (Since the last update)

Not too shabby in the last 11 days! A couple of audiobooks, podcasts and tours!

What have I bought this week? (Including Kindle Unlimited)

What else has landed on my lap this week?

Ok, so I might have a lot of reading to do!

Anything else?

Well next year I have big plans for my blog and I have 3 absolutely fantastic authors on board with my plans, so keep your eyes peeled. Plus I plan to cut back on tours and read ALL of Wilbur Smith books – I adore these and want to get back to that.

But before I signed off, I got forwarded an email today by Rae, and I have been squealing so much (much to everyone’s poor eardrums), if you are signed up to the Capital Crime newsletter you may have seen this…

That’s right! My name, my blog!! I mean OMFG, I might calm down, this does not happen to me! Eeeekkkkkk!!!!!

Anyway signing off for my weekly lap wrap, I might need a nap! lol

Until next time xxx



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  1. One week until Christmas is just gorgeous – I hope you love it as much as I did. I cannot wait to read 7 days. I have an ARC of the Unadjusteds but I haven’t squeezed it in yet. I need to get it done as soon as I an though.