That’s A #WeeklyLapWrap 15th September 2019

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So after the excitement of the house, I think my reading has fallen down a bit…..whoops! Hopefully, that will change though and I am off Monday and Tuesday, so book party time!!

The weekend is going to be manic (writing this on Friday!) as I am off to a Flower show at Leeds Castle followed by dinner and watching Downton Abbey with my army wifey, nice to have a day to ourselves and no kids in tow! Then Sunday couple of my friends coming over for a catch-up and a mosey at the house, bar that CHILL THE HELL OUT!!

Although I have 4 reviews to write 🙄

What am I currently reading?

Tour book, Audiobook, Pigeonhole – nearly finished two of them though!!! (Yes and two of them are the same as last week!)

What have I read this week?

Oops – one audiobook listened to for a tour….did I mention I moved?? lol Must try harder!

What have I bought this week?

So been a quiet week too, this is currently free for members on Audible so wanted to check it out.

What has landed on my lap this week?

One is a historic click! The other 3 are for tours………so much for the NO word being used eek!

ICYMI my posts this week

No point listing the days, it has been a big fat zilch on the blog! Quietist that it has ever been! Bar my Positivity Wave on Friday! All changing soon though the tours are starting again!!

Anything else?

Nope, nothing else to report!

Oh, wait…. Capital Crime Festival is in T-Minus 11 days!!! Apart from that nope nothing!! Gah, I am getting a bit boring now in my tired age! lol

Hope you have had a fab week! What books have you read this week that I should check out?

Anyone got advice on how to not be so tired?

Until next time xxx



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