That’s A #WeeklyLapWrap 24th November 2019

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Well, it’s been another 2 weeks since my last update! Where does the time go?! I have been rubbish with book photos and with sharing posts! I have been, however, busy at work juggling my work and attending panels in and out of work time for the book festival. It has been so much fun, albeit tiring!!

What am I currently reading?

Do not judge me I have had to pause Will’s book but it’s ok I have 3 tours left for the year so I will be getting to it very soon!

What have I read this week? (Since the last update)

Wow this is quite lame! I am sure I finished more than this!!!!!!!

What have I bought this week? (Including Kindle Unlimited)

What else has landed on my lap this week?

Anything else?

So epic book post this week! I am really lucky!!

Got to give a huge and special shout out to Jen and Mandie for getting me these books and signed. #bestsisters !! Spoilt much!

Last week our friends came down to stay, took the kiddies to the castle and they had so much fun! It was also the first-night mini-me put herself to sleep without me sitting there holding her hand! It has been a successful week so far! Yay! This weekend it has been chilled, the bestie and her hubstar came down, cue a hyper mini me and lots of bubblegum ice cream and games 🤦🏻‍♀️ but it was still so much fun!

I have also got another author signed up for next year for my feature, getting excited now! So 4 of my fav authors/people are on board, it will be announced soon!

Haven’t done any more writing lately so my NaNoWriMo has been a washout but I will persevere and I want to write this book even though it will probably go nowhere!

That’s me!

How have you been? What’s new?

Until next time xxx



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