That’s A #WeeklyLapWrap 25th September 2019

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Wow! Sorry for the radio silence! It has been a manic couple of weeks and I have kind of forgotten what it is like to blog! So moved house, been back at work and trying to catch up. Had a weekend away with my mum friends and now getting ready for the Capital Crime Festival starting tomorrow!! Can not wait to see everyone who is going – please make sure you say hi!

Here are some highlights from my last couple of weeks!

Still have a few reviews to catch up so need some serious time to do that and need to get ahead of my reading, yup who forgot the word no again!!!

But it’s Capital Crime Festival tomorrow, so I am doing my post now for the last few weeks and for Sunday in case I don’t have the energy to do it plus I have a feeling a lot of books may be purchased – sssssshhhhhh

What am I currently reading?

Still ploughing through with Lee and Jack, and absolutely loving the Man in the Dark!

What have I read this week? (Two weeks)

I have been busier than I thought!!!!

What have I bought this week?

What has landed on my lap this week?

A few blog tour books and old clicks on NetGalley, still done well to stay away!! Thank god for being busy!!!

ICYMI my posts

The blog has been rather quiet, however here are some of the posts I have done

On Thursday 19th September it was my stop on the Morecambe and Vice tour where I interviewed Chris Merrit and did a Book Review of Bring her Back . Hopefully, the “Dream Team” will get to meet at Capital Crime!

On Monday 23rd September I kicked the tour off W D Jackson-Smart with my Book Review of The Demons Beneath – totally awesome book! You totes need to read it!

Anything else?

Well I got an Iphone 11 and the camera on that is epic, so been taking loads of pictures and geeking out. I got the limited edition colour of Red, so a donation is made to an AIDS charity for every red phone sold – this is what the nice man in EE said!

Trying to catch up with work, sleep and reading and not doing very well on any front!

And September has gone! But I am ending the month on Saturday with my feature of Should I Stay or Should I Go! So this should bring back the “healthy” debates of which books I need to get rid of! I have tried to include a fancy poll! What this space!

How has your little corner of the world been like?

Until next time xxx



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