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I am really excited today to share with you an exclusive!!

Yes that is right!! I have been given the opportunity to share with you, the shiny cover for The Ballynoon Friendship Circle. It will be published by SpellBound Books on 21st May and the pre-order links will be available soon!

Keep your eyes peeled as a blog tour will be starting 20th May!

Here is the blurb,

Is it ever too late for Happiness?

When Edel Marston, a fifty-year-old retired teacher spots her dream cottage in a magazine she makes the life-changing decision to relocate back to Northern Ireland following the death of her husband Ben. 

But starting again is never easy, a rocky start with her new neighbours, and the knowledge of her past being a little too close for comfort, leaves Edel questioning whether she has made the right decision.

As Edel tentatively starts to immerse herself into the local village life of Ballynoon , friendships are forged, wires are crossed  and new love blossoms, she struggles to protect her new life from the secrets of her past.

Now Edel must decide where her future lies.

Will she choose happiness a second time round?

So excited for this one!! So you ready for the cover?





How cute is this!!!!!

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