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I am so excited by this #AuthorTakeOver, couple of reasons it’s CAROL WYER! It’s running for a whole month, so from 1st – 3st July everyday is all about Carol and if it was not for Carol I would have never dreamt this feature up! And did I say…IT CAROL WYER!!!!

What a better way to kick off this new TakeOver than hearing from Carol and the all important book that changed her life…so over to Carol.

The Book That Changed My Life

I have always been an avid reader. Evenings you would find my whole family sitting in the lounge, each with a book. Ill health that kept me bed-bound for many months allowed me to devour most of the books in my local library and so it was no surprise to my friends when I went on to study English and French Literature at university.

You’d think, given the number of classics I have read, I’d say that one of them inspired me to become a writer but you’d be wrong. The book that made me decide to finally put pen to paper and write for an adult audience (I’d already written books for children) was by Alison Kervin The WAGS Diary.

The book had been left behind at a rented holiday house on Majorca and I dragged it to the pool to while away a few hours. I laughed. Oh boy! Did I laugh. It was hilarious. I associated immediately with the author’s ‘voice’, the way she wrote. My style mimicked hers and I thought, ‘I can do this.’

On my return, I got together my ideas and came up with a book about a woman facing 50 who decided to blog about the ups and downs of menopause, her retired grumpy old man and her party-loving mothers. I also emailed Alison Kervin, the author of the book for advice and guess what? She replied enthusiastically and wishing me well.

Motivated by her response, I went onto finishing what became Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines (now out of print as it is being re written).

Alison Kervin OBE, has had an illustrious career as Chief Sports Feature Writer for The Times newspaper, Chief Sports interviewer for the Daily Telegraph and now the Sports Editor for The Mail on Sunday. She has worked as a consultant to Harper Collins Publishers, media trainer for UK Sport, and she was consultant editor on the Official Olympic Souvenir programme and written six sports books along with her WAGS novels and romantic comedy Celebrity Bride. She and I have stayed in touch on Twitter and she often promotes my books.

If I hadn’t picked up Alison’s book, I’d never have made that decision to write my own. So, 25 books later with over 750,000 crime novels sold, I say a very warm thank you to Alison and if you fancy a giggle, her book is available on Amazon.

It’s Here! The Day For A New #AuthorTakeOver, The Book That Changed my Life by Carol Wyer @carolewyer #GuestPost #AuthorTakeOverThe Wag's Diary (WAGs Diary, #1) by Alison Kervin
Series: WAGs Diary #1
Published by Avon Books on January 1, 2008
Pages: 426

Welcome to the world of the WAGs…

32-year-old Tracie Martin is Luton Town FC's longest-serving WAG – for 12 years her husband Dean has kept her in raccoon hair extensions and quilted Chanel bags.

But looking around at the new breed of WAGS, Tracie is disgusted to see that standards have started to decline – some of them have been spotted in skirts that cover their bottoms and one or two have never drank four bottles of champagne on a night out!

And what's worse, Dean is dropped from the first team and their daughter Paskia Rose is only interested in the rules and skills of the beautiful game – she wants to follow in her father's footsteps rather than her mother's stiletto-clad ones.

What's a WAG to do? Armed only with her Smythson notebook and Tiffany pen, Tracie sets out to write the definitive rulebook on life as a WAG, soon developing a cult following. Surely it's only a matter of time before the Queen of the WAGS – Victoria Beckham – wants to be her new best friend?

Thank you so much Carol, I might have to just check this book, I do love a good WAG story – Footballer’s Wives anyone?!

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  1. I feel incredibly honoured to have an entire month on your beautiful blog, dedicated entirely to me and my books!
    Zoe, you are amazing to do this and what a challenge you set yourself – 31 posts! Thank you so much. I shall be getting up excitedly every day to see what you’ve posted. xoxo

    • Zoé

      Yeah it’s 33 posts…. You are so welcome! I have to focus on all your books! Can’t pick and choose and why would I want to! I have a holiday after this 😆😉 6am you will have a ding on twitter 😘 xx

    • Zoé

      Thanks Steph! There is a lot to go through! I can’t wait for you guys to read everything she has written! Xx