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The Cornish Connection by Amanda James @Amandajames61 #BookReview #Book13 #AuthorTakeOverThe Cornish Connection by Amanda James
Published by Amazon on April 30, 2020
Pages: 269
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Where extraordinary things'll find Nancy Cornish

Nancy and Charlie Cornish are happily married and live in Padstow, Cornwall.

Nancy works in the Whistling Kettle Cafe and Charlie is a DS in the Truro police. Charlie's a down to earth Cornishman, while Nancy, seemingly an ordinary member of her community, has an extraordinary gift. She is able to make psychic connections with those who have passed, and objects belonging to those still living.

Charlie mostly tries to ignore that aspect of his wife's personality, he can’t abide all that ‘mumbo jumbo’ as he calls it. Then, out of the blue, Nancy leaves her job and decides her mission in life is to use her gift to help others. This is not what Charlie signed up for, and he lets Nancy know about his feelings in no uncertain terms. That is, until he realises she might be a very useful detective...

Helping Charlie find a missing teenager boost Nancy’s confidence, and makes her determined to continue her work. People come to see her because they want her to find a long-lost friend or relative, an object that is dear to them, or a pet who’s gone missing. Helping people find happiness is Nancy’s main aim. Charlie, however, wants her to help him solve crimes.Will the couple find some common ground? Or will their connection be broken?

The Cornish Connection - a beautifully told, thought-provoking and uplifting story. The perfect feel-good summer read!

My Review

Oh, this is a book I adore, it is not CrazyTown, but do I care? No! It’s a book by Mandy so of course, I had to read it! This one is a calmer setting in Cornwall. This one I delighted in when I heard it was being written, psychics! I loved anything with the idea of mediums and the paranormal, even when they are not of the horror kind. I have always wanted to visit a medium/psychic and this book has urged me to do it!

Nancy is someone I fell in love with straight away. She is such a warm and caring character, she goes out of her way to help people, literally. She works in a cafe and has a gift, a connection. We see this straight away, her “magic” as I think of it, passing messages on to people and helping with peace but not really doing much about it until one day enough is enough and she sets up her own business as a PI, no not private investigator…a psychic investigator. She is married to a police officer, Charlie, and doesn’t want to be involved in “real” policing until Charlie brings a case home for Nancy to look at and help. Charlie is not really a believer though and very sceptical of it all. However, when Nancy pulls through you see his initial thoughts waiver.

Nancy helps so many people in this book and it was lovely to see so many happy endings for people. It was awesome to see how many people are automatically accepting of Nancy and her ways. I had such a lump in throat with the second of the police cases that Nancy got inadvertently involved in and although the case was not a nice one, the lives that Nancy touched was just nothing short of magic.

The ending was lovely especially seeing her case notes updated so we could see how everyone she worked within the first book we’re getting on. I just hope Nancy’s “winning streak” carries on in book 2!! Which I must say I CAN NOT WAIT FOR! Sorry got a bit excited there!

I can now say I am a super fan of Mandys I have read every single book of hers, all different genres, thrillers, romance, sci-fi, mediums, her repertoire is just unreal. She writes to you in a way that she grips you and won’t let go until the story lets you go. Not going to lie I do love her bat -shit crazy books but I do love this new direction she has taken with Nancy Cornish, plus a nice surprise to see a familiar name pop up in her book…begins with Z and ends in E…now I don’t know if it is mine or not but I might pretend that it is lol

I really don’t have a way with words, but this story is such a cosy and uplifting story it did make me smile. Even though I didn’t need to be I was worried about the outcome of the book and had suspicions of something may go wrong, only going by Mandys other books but luckily there was no wrongdoing for me…well unless you count the cases she worked! I had no need to worry, it was not a dark book, it was a …nice book, it was a sunshine book where you know all is right with the world and once you close the pages everyone will still be ok. I am really excited to see what happens next with Nancy and her clients, roll on book 2….even though this book only came out on the 30th April, we have so long to wait!!!!

Until next time…tomorrow for the last day! Xxx

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About Amanda James

Amanda has written since she was a child, but never imagined that her words would be published, given that she left school with no real qualifications of note apart from an A* in how to be a nuisance in class. Nevertheless, she returned to education when her daughter was five and eventually became a history teacher. Then in 2010, after many twists and turns, the dream of becoming a writer came true when her first short story was published. Amanda has written many short stories and has six novels currently published.

Amanda grew up in Sheffield but now has realised her lifelong dream of living in Cornwall and her writing is inspired every day by the dramatic coastline near her home. She has sketched out many stories in her head while walking the cliff paths. Three of her mystery/suspense novels are set there, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Summer in Tintagel and the Behind the Lie. Rip Current is also set in Cornwall and will be published by Bloodhound Books in April 2018.

Amanda, known to many as Mandy, spends far more time than is good for her on social media and has turned procrastination to a fine art. She can also usually be found playing on the beach with her family, or walking the cliff paths planning her next book.

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