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The Hostage by Alan Gorevan
Published by Self Published on April 25 2020
Format: eBook
Source: Bought
Pages: 142
Also by this author: The Kindness of Psychopaths

Lindsey O'Reilly is at home, cleaning up after dinner, when she sees armed police swarming over her garden wall.

There's a noise downstairs.

A knock on the door.

She opens up, but it's not the police.

It's the man they're chasing.

A stone-cold killer.

Now he's inside.....

Until I had the chance to interview Alan on a podcast I was featured on, I am sorry to say I had never heard of him. Well, now this has completely changed! I am going to have to reign myself in before I get a restraining order because he now has a huge fan with me. I asked Alan for all new readers, like myself, what book should I read first, his answer The Hostage. While he was still talking I had popped on to Amazon and bought the book. I have not looked back, I even have my next one lined up.

Being a novella, I read this in a day, what a book! What an introduction to Alan! This was only released this year, April, and yes there are a couple of references to COVID but nothing to detract from the book, just something to emphasise a characters’ quirk. What is even more fascinating about this book is the beginning of the book is based on something that happened to his girlfriend, however, he allowed his mind to go to the extreme to what would happen if it all went to pot.

Here we have a book that is literally go go go, it is only 142 pages but it is a taut thriller. From the get-go, your head is spinning with the threats to your life. Lindsey, struggling with a baby, university and a complete douche in her life is the unlucky lady to be home the day Dean is on the run. You feel things could work out ok if its just Dean in the book. You feel Lindsey could maybe handle the situation. The second we are introduced to Michael however, you know it will never be the same. Cold, calculating and hates witnesses, this is where you feel the first shiver of doubt.

I found the way Alan wrote this book to such an enticing one. He does not relent on the action, he has wasted no word with long drawn out scenes of descriptions. It is literally wham, bam, thank you mam kind of book. It knocked my socks off. It is not a boring book, I love that we are drawn into the whims of everyone’s lives. We have the key players, we know things aren’t right, but all you care about at the moment is who will make it out alive. However, that is not to say I don’t want more, more writing, more books by this author because I do, and thank god I do!

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Based on the recommendation of Alan, himself this beauty is!

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