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The Kindness of Psychopaths by Alan Gorevan
Published by Self Published on November 21 2020
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genres: Thriller
Pages: 346
Also by this author: The Hostage

How far would you go for those you love?

When Valentina López Vázquez vanishes from her home one morning, it’s obvious that she was taken by force. What happened to her next is not so obvious.

The disappearance forces two men on a gruelling search for the truth: Barry Wall, Valentina’s frantic husband, and Joe Byrne, the nihilistic detective in charge of the investigation.

They are locked on a devastating course that will take them to places darker than they ever dreamt – places without limits…

This book started out as a buddy read but the other 3 ladies left me for dust and instead I had to blitz it over a couple of days. This is my second book by Alan but my first full-length novel. Wowzers! That was my first thought when I finished this.

This book is an action-packed adrenaline-filled tale. One thing I absolutely frigging loved about this book was the fact, that there is not just one storyline hitting us, no we are talking about at least a good 4 different storylines and then these just explode even further!!!!! Joe Byrne, a copper who has returned to his home town, to join a task force he has no inclination to wanting to join. As he is trying to argue his case to transfer back, bam we have a dead body. But woah there, hold your horses, just as we get embroiled with this story, it stops and we jump forward – I mean what!! Talk about teasing and holding information.

So we catch up, we find out more information, more high action and bam…… an explosion and we jump forward again! Head spinning yet?! No! Well, wait for it! No more time jumping but a whole lot of high octane tempo action! The snappy chapters jump from different characters to their different stories and man it just all BLEW ME AWAY!!

When we get to final pages, sheesh, nothing relents and while we think something has been resolved, well Mr Gorevan is very sneaky and some spanners have been thrown. I mean this book is crying out for a sequel….can this be arranged please?

My head is still spinning from this book! I can’t get over how fantastic this book is and it one you NEED, no not need, you MUST read!! You will most definitely fall foul to the one more chapter hole, the chapters are snappy and they always leave you breathless and wanting more, so you have to read on! Ok, so some bits did have me grimacing, but who doesn’t like a bit of grimness that might just be a bit too close to the bone. I will say one thing, it might question Chilli con Carne again!! It has characters you root for, whether that is you want them to make it out ok at the end or if you want them on a cold slab by the end, you definitely will have a feeling about them!

Gosh, seriously I am still giddy from this book, it just blew me away. I know I have said that already but I can not think of any more coherent words. To have so many storylines playing out throughout the book, to add shocks and surprises all the way through and to make sure they are all tied up by the end, leaving me with no unanswered questions, well this was a HUGE win for me! It is definitely a book you will see in my top reads of the year come December!

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What did my buddies think? Well here are snippets from their reviews (links to their reviews)

Chloe, Chloe’s Reading Room – The Kindness Of Psychopaths, grabs you from the cracking first chapter. It starts from the off and takes you down this road where at times you are questioning your own judgement and even your sanity when you start thinking outside of the box for how it is all going to brought together.

Donna, Donna’s Interviews, Reviews and Giveaways – There’s enough teasers to make you think I’ll just read another chapter. Before you know it, you’ve finished. A lot of cliffhangers aren’t answered for a few chapters, and the biggest of all isn’t cleared up until the end.
I knew Alan was a fantastic author, but this has blown me away. This is easily going to be in my top reads of this year. It has that extra something that makes it stand out.

Kate, Portable Magic – There is so much going on in the novel and I have a lot of admiration for the way it is plotted, and little details that seem insignificant at the beginning have new relevance as we reach the conclusion. It’s not a book for the faint hearted and it’s perhaps not one you should read just before tea, but the tension and the twists and turns kept me absolutely hooked!

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