#TheHorrorWithin – The Introduction

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Well, here we are, the intro post to all things Horror then! I best get cracking on thinking of something inventive to say. Hmm….why the Horror within?

Well basically, I was speaking to someone in the USA who wondered if I was up for writing some articles for him and his website, the website all being about horror, obviously. Whilst we were talking, it got me thinking. I mean I LOVE horror, it is my go-to genre but I just do not read or watch enough of it, so why not change this! So I have! I am going to be looking at different sub-genres of Horror. I mean there are fricking loads! And well, I am torturing myself by looking at Zombies, so it won’t only be you getting scared!

I will be looking at original films against the remake of the films. I will be looking at Tv shows and certain episodes. I will be reading the books and comparing them to the films/Tv. I will just generally be reading books of horror and watching horror films…..plus many many MANY more things.

I have a spreadsheet with so many tabs on it, and at least 4 pages of A4 of notes and ideas. I think my excitement for things tends to get out of hand. I will firstly be taking a look at all things to do with possessed dolls, well you may have guessed that with my Instagram feed – sorry for the scary pictures. I have my books lined up ready to read and some of the authors have even agreed to answer some questions which is fantastic!! I have spent some of my time watching some truly crazy doll films and TV episodes too, I will look at the history of dolls and I have some fab quotes from you lovely people. Plus I had to take a look at, what is deemed as the most iconic possessed doll film and its current remake. I also will take a look at the “True” stories vs fiction. So that is the first feature, but I also have a Book vs Movie coming before that, nothing to do with dolls you will be pleased to hear!

So, I know some of you may not enjoy horror, so maybe have a cushion with you, but no matter what I hope you have fun! Warning, here are some of the books and films coming your way, because you know if I have had to endure them so do you.



See you next time….or will I?! xxx



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4 responses to “#TheHorrorWithin – The Introduction

  1. I love creepy dolls. I went to a house sale and bought some old dolls that were creepy. I thought they’d be fun to put out around Halloween. Well, my husband didn’t think they were a good idea as he didn’t want them in the house. They creeped him out. I ended up keeping one and I gave away the rest. I really didn’t know dolls affected him this way. I can’t wait to read more of your horror posts.