Those famous words.. “it’s me not you” and “we need a break”

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Today it’s a different kind of post. As I write this I am currently lying in a hospital bed. Don’t worry I am on the mend.

A few months ago I had been back and forth with the docs who told me I was basically over doing it all and I was suffering near on exhaustion and my migraines were near crippling but I ignored it. The boy was away on tour, I was working full time, had to look after mini me, trying to have a social life and then cramming all the reading I could in a few hours I had. The problem was I did not listen.

I think the problem I have, like most bloggers is I love books. But I overbooked myself (sorry couldn’t resist) and it has lead me to this hospital bed I am in now!

I have emailed everyone I am doing tours for and have asked to change posts around, I hate letting everyone down, it’s not something I can do. The decision I made after this scare is to take a bloody rest so most of July my blog will be quiet but I do hope you stay around. I am just taking a breather. I need to regroup and find my happy medium again. I’ve been going 100mph for too long.

Too much has started to suffer at home and in life in general and I can’t do everything. I may still post now and again when I do read my books and I will still share all your fabulous posts as much as I can.

What I will say is I am bloody bored! I left my DS at home grrr! And I am hot and bothered! ?

Enough of my rambles! While I wait for the on call consultant to see me to tell me the plan, I lie in my room utterly bored…now where’s my book ??

Until next time xxx



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84 responses to “Those famous words.. “it’s me not you” and “we need a break”

  1. Oh Zoe. Hope you are feeling much better soon. We all do it with the books and trying to cram them into every corner of our lives so you’re not alone. Sounds like the rest will be just what you need.

    • Zoé

      Thanks Nicola! Quite emosh at the moment too lol I think my body has now had enough of me and I guess I have to do as I’m told..rarity lol x

    • Steph Warren - Bookshine

      Sorry to hear this. I know the feeling… there’s just too many books and not enough hours in the day! Hope you’re feeling brighter soon xx

      • Zoé

        Thanks steph! I am home which is a good thing just need to learn this rest thing! Lol xx

        • Steph Warren - Bookshine

          Glad you’re back home now. I only know how to rest by reading, so if you figure out another way let me know! ?

  2. Hi Zoe, sorry to hear you have been unwell. I know the feeling I am pretty much in the same boat. Work full-time try to write, do book reviews, beta read you name it! When you love books you just can’t stop. But, do take care and rest. Marje x

    • Zoé

      Thank you Davida! I am having a break from reading at the moment. Just going to rest ☺️

    • Zoé

      I promise I am trying ? I didn’t rest much yesterday. It’s hard when it’s forced lol I will be doing nothing today lol thanks Claire ? xx

    • Zoé

      Thanks Lesley! The food wasn’t toooooo bad. But I’m not really eating at the moment. Having to be careful. Xx

    • Zoé

      I know it was way boring in the hospital. I am trying to rest up it’s just hard lol x

    • Zoé

      Thanks Debbie! I am trying to rest up but when it’s forced it’s hard to do so lol x

  3. Curled up with a good book

    You need to look after yourself and you little one over and above anyone else. We do you and fit too much and it’s crazy, a sometimes a step back is what we need. Rest up and read for pleasure while you’re recovering if you can. No deadlines – no pressure. Feel better soon my love xxx

    P.S I finally read your about section – are you in/near Dover? I’m a Folkestone girl ❤️

    • Zoé

      I am trying to rest but I struggle when it’s forced. I can’t sit still at all! ??‍♀️ I overdid it yesterday! Lol thanks Chelle ❤️

      No way! Do you live in Folkestone now? I work there and live in Dover!! Could meet up for a cuppa when I am better?? Xxx

      • Curled up with a good book

        I’m in Ashford but work across Kent so I’m all over the place. Would be fab to meet up for a cuppa when you’re better ❤️

        Make sure you rest up lol xxx

        • Zoé

          Yes sounds like a fab idea!! In the next couple of weeks then we can sort something!
          I went back to work yesterday but I am taking it easy and completely resting at home. Helps I’m tired so don’t want to do much lol xxx

  4. Oh hunny I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve not been feeling well ? I know what it’s like to find yourself in a hospital bed because you’ve been ignoring all the signs and the alarm bells too and it sucks! Take all the time you need, no one’s going anywhere and I hope you feel better very soon ?

      • I’m fine ? 5 years ago I was diagnosed with MS, could barely walk, it had been going badly for quite a while but I didn’t know what it was and I kept pushing myself, at work, at home. So I’m trying not to do that anymore! Yes rest!!

    • Zoé

      Thanks Neats! I am better than I was but still not better lol I am trying my best to rest xx

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery Zoë, since my health scare back earlier in the year my blog has come low down my list of priorities. I think there’s times in our life when we need to heed the warnings and look after ourselves first ?

    • Zoé

      Yes it’s a shame we have to do it the hard way because we take a look at everything isn’t it. Saturday was an all time low and I don’t want to go back there again! Thanks lovely ❤️

    • Zoé

      Yes sir! Lol I know it’s a shame that I had to let it get to this before I re-evaluated what I was doing! I am on rest now…not that I know how to rest lol x

    • Zoé

      Hey lovely! I got discharged on Sunday night. Just not resting up much ??‍♀️ I’m paying for it today lol xx

  6. Oh Zoe, I hope you get some much-needed rest and that you start feeling better soon. It sounds like a good decision to take a break from blogging, we’ll all still be here when you feel ready to come back. Take good care, sending you massive hugs xxx

    • Zoé

      Thanks Hayley hugs are always appreciated ❤️❤️? I am trying to rest just hard when it’s forced rest xxxx

  7. Hope you feel better soon lovely! And I highly recommend a blogging break. I took one a few months ago and have been blogging sporadically ever since and I’m finding it much more enjoyable not having a schedule to stick to. You gotta do what suits you at the right time. xx

    • Zoé

      Thanks Janel! Yeah I think that is what I am going to do. I have August dates I will honour, I have requested to change all my July ones. But I want to read now without pressure now. ❤️ xx

  8. I’m sorry to hear that Zoe, my thoughts are with you and I hope you’re well soon. Take care of yourself ok, Huge hugs to you xx

    • Zoé

      Oh love ? thanks for messaging but naughty you are on holiday!!! I will do, just resting up but I’m a rubbish patient Xxx

  9. Zoe. So sorry to hear you are well. I hope you are starting to feel a bit better now. You have to do what’s right for you and we’ll be here to cheer you back when you are ready.

    • Zoé

      Aw thanks Mary!! That’s so kind of you say! I am defo feeling much better than I was. The antibiotics definitely worked. Thank you ❤️❤️

  10. I very much hope you are feeling and doing better now. Take a break! Everything on the blog can wait and your health is far more important. xxx

    • Zoé

      Yeah I am much better and only doing content for the tours I signed up and will be back properly in August! Thank you lovely xx