Update – What Do I Read Now? #ReadingSOS #WhatDoIReadNow #NetGalleyHelp

Posted April 5, 2020 by Zoé in What Do I Read Now / 11 Comments

Thank you guys for helping me choose my reading order with my NetGalley books! I know some people didn’t like this feature too much as you were not having the pleasure of telling me which books to chuck ahem, but it was still nice of you to vote and help me try and clear the decks of my shelves!

The plan is I am going to try and read these books in April, not sure when I will as I have got a lot of tours somehow in May and my books for the #AuthorTakeOver but I do need to shift the NG ones…I would love to get to 25% by the end of the year so I need to read 58 books from NG, so I have to up my game – good thing some are tours books – phew! (No judging here please LOL)

Well, the votes are in! It is joint first place – so I will go alphabetically to read the books!

This means that I will be reading in the following order :

Do you ever look back at your books on the NG shelf and wonder why you requested it or clicked them? These books are from when I was just too excitable to be able to click away without thinking about the reading bit!

Well I am looking forward to reading them anyway and I will update you at the end of the month with my “success” story and reviews!

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11 responses to “Update – What Do I Read Now? #ReadingSOS #WhatDoIReadNow #NetGalleyHelp

  1. Yes, I have a group of books that I requested way back when, and have not read, do not have a lot of desire to read, but know that I should read them. My ratio hangs around 60% and will probably never get to that 80, but I will never run out of books to read.