Urbane Extravaganza #BookBlitz of The Very idea, Unlocking the Power of Idea Economics by David Wethey @davidwethey @UrbaneBooks #LoveBooksGroupTours

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Urbane Extravaganza #BookBlitz of The Very idea, Unlocking the Power of Idea Economics by David Wethey @davidwethey @UrbaneBooks #LoveBooksGroupTours

So you may or may not know that from November 24th, until December 31st (where I close the tour!) every day a different blogger will be promoting and/or reviewing a different book published by Urbane Books, known as the Urbane Extravaganza! It was exciting watching Kelly allocating all the books live on Facebook, and the first book that I was able to highlight to you is…….

The Very Idea – Unlocking the Power of Idea Economics by David Wethey

Now I am not going to lie, I have not studied economics since University but I must admit it I did enjoy it, I mean not everyone chooses to do double modules of it when you are meant to be studying Accountancy!! 

So the book I have been matched with..what is it about?

The Very Idea: Unlocking the Power of Idea Economics by David Wethey
Published by Urbane Publications on October 18 2018
Pages: 311

'Every generation has underestimated the potential for finding new ideas . . . Possibilities do not add up. They multiply.' - Paul Romer, Nobel prize winner for Economics

In The Very Idea, leading business author and creative guru David Wethey is critical of how so many workplaces suppress creativity, and do little to stimulate and incentivise idea generation and invention. That urgently needs to change with the Future of Jobs report saying that the three most important individual skills are now Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Wethey shows you how to stimulate idea generation, and harness the power of those ideas for both individual and organisational success. All of us not just creatives and experts have the ability to come up with ideas. Some ideas are the product of our lively imagination. Most successful ideas come from the powerful connections we make between new thoughts, 'inspirations', knowledge and experience. Wethey gives priceless tips on using your Idea Brain to come up with valuable ideas that can be developed with colleagues and in teams.

Wethey claims that ideas are the source of all progress, growth and change, and he places them at the centre of their own ecosystem, which he calls 'Idea Economics'. In The Very Idea you will find numerous examples of the maths we can use to make ideas more valuable, and behind the scenes stories about ideas that really changed the game.

Gods honest truth, this book has intrigued me and I would love to find out more, especailly when it comes to being able to improving yourself in the workplace! Thank you David! 

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