Wait! Stop the Press….there is a book! Dead in Venice by Fiona Leitch is finally here! @Fkleitch #DeadinVenice #Gobuythisbook

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Do you know how excited I am to be bringing this post to you! You may or may not remember a little audiobook I listened to last year that I fell in love with and have not stopped shouting about! I was just so frustrated at the time I could not own the actual book and have it sit proudly on my bookshelf. Well shut the front door because the day has finally come where we can all BUY THIS BOOK! I am so excited!!!!!!

This book then! What is it about? Well let me refresh your memory with the “official” blurb and I get to share with you the new cover too!! Eeek!!! Fiona is treating me so well today!

Wait! Stop the Press….there is a book! Dead in Venice by Fiona Leitch is finally here! @Fkleitch #DeadinVenice #GobuythisbookDead in Venice by Fiona Leitch
on October 8 2019
Pages: 234
Also by this author: Dead in Venice, Murder Ahoy! , Murder on the Menu


Award-winning crime novelist Bella Tyson has it all: a successful career, devoted fans - and a bad case of writer's block. So when a fan sends her a book of Venetian ghost stories and offers her the use of an apartment near Piazza San Marco, Bella jumps at the chance to get her Eat Pray Love on, consume her body weight in gelato and explore the atmospheric canals of Venice. She meets Will, a mild-mannered, middle-class Interpol agent working in the city, and is swept away by him. And when a series of gruesome murders occur he's on the case - with Bella in tow. Her writer's block is well and truly cured, her new novel is underway, and she's madly in love. But Bella realises that not everything in Venice is as it seems...

I am loving the new cover and reading the blurb makes me want to read the book all over again.

Here are some snippets from my review

 I hated having to go to work because I just wanted to sit and listen all day in the car. I was a goner from the opening lines!

I have to say you need to go and buy this audiobook straight away! Deryn Edwards who reads this masterpiece is absolutely fantastic as Bella! I was laughing so much when she was reading. She got Bella, she got her voice to a tee! It was a fantastic pairing, and she does such a great service to Fiona’s book! 

This is about the audiobook, which you should also buy once you got the book ??

When listening to the book, it felt more like I was having a conversation with the author by the way it was written. It was so conversational, a bit of casual swearing and berating when Bella is trying to write her novel.  I loved the added extras in this book, all the inner monologues were hilarious! There was a lot of voice-overs, that you see on TV where characters are in their own head whilst in a scene, it was brilliantly done and played out. Bella is so real! The way she spoke, well like I say it is like having a conversation like she is telling me her story over a cup of tea or in our case a glass of wine! She hides behind the humour when uncomfortable, swears a lot but she is so down to earth and she does not mince her words! 

Link to buy the Paperback (which is out NOW!), Audiobook and the Kindle which is released on 12th October 2019, pre-order it now!

Two things, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE, in fact, I DEMAND this be on the big screen, tv series maybe? and two I do so hope that there will be a second book, maybe in New York,  especially as the author casually dropped it in on Twitter…. maybe even a character called Zoe who, at my suggestion, dies horribly! Fingers crossed for this!! **Exciting update, it appears Paris Catacombs are being researched, see you later I am off***

Read the full review here.

Check out a snippet of the audiobook here

If you don’t believe me what other praise has there been for the book?

Rather too Fond of Books says

Dead in Venice is so brilliantly written and fully immerses the reader in the novel. I’ve never been to Venice but Fiona Leitch brought it to life in this book. As I was listening to the audio I could completely envisage the setting as if I was right there with Bella. I could hear all the sounds and smell all the smells as I was listening and I felt as if I was right there in Venice with Bella.

Dead in Venice is such a quirky, fascinating novel. I got completely and utterly lost in the novel, it was brilliant escapism for me on a day when I wasn’t feeling too well. It’s a novel full of mystery and intrigue mixed with a hint of the supernatural and a dash of humour.

Audio Killed the Bookmark says

A super fun read, I loved Bella’s character, she used humour a lot to get herself out of situations, and I love her for that as I tend to do the same thing, although not as brilliantly as her!

Emma The Little Bookworm says

My only ‘issue’ was the genre … with the blurb telling us about the folk lore and an asylum and murders, I was expecting something different, something more mainstream and defined in that particular genre, what we actually get is a combination of gritty crime thriller, hilarious rom-com, with a splash of the heart-wrenching emotions. And it works.

It works so well, and I loved it. Completely.

And I love it when that happens; when I’m expecting one thing and get something so much more instead.

 Bella is real, and her story feels real. It’s the kinda thing I daydream about happening to me. I want to go somewhere and have weird and crazy and scary things happen to me! She is literally living her storyline, and it’s wonderful

From Belgium with Booklove says (I may have suggested that this was a purchase Kelly HAD to make)

The descriptions are vivid and a number of touristy places are named, and I almost felt like I was there. The murders that are committed are original, mysterious and very intriguing and Bella’s love interest is a fun storyline as well. But the element that steals the show at every turn is Bella herself. God, that woman made me laugh out loud more times than I care to count, she’s hilarious! I read the expression “oodles of fun” in a review a while back, I had never heard it before and I loved it, and I’ve been waiting to use it for a review for ages, and my friends: this is it! If I don’t use it for this one, I never will because Dead in Venice really IS OODLES OF FUN!

So… Do I agree with Vicki and Zoé??? Obviously! Recommended!

Read more about Fiona over at Sean’s Book Reviews, Random Things Through my Letterbox and The Book Trail

Wow, I think that is a lot of high praise and not to be ignored!

Back to the point of the post, the paperback of Dead In Venice is out now and it would be a crime to not get a copy! Or the Kindle version is out on the 12th October and available to pre-order, £1.99 you are getting a steal – steal I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What am I waiting for? Well, Book 2 of course!

Until next time xxx

About Fiona Leitch

Fiona Leitch is a writer with a chequered past. She’s written for football and motoring magazines, DJ’d at illegal raves and is a stalwart of the low budget TV commercial, even appearing as the Australasian face of a cleaning product called ‘Sod Off’. After living in London, Cornwall and New Zealand she’s finally (for the moment) settled on the sunny South Coast of England, where she enjoys scaring her cats by trying out dialogue on them and writing funny, flawed but awesome female characters.

Her Westminster-set romantic comedy ‘Parliamentary Affairs’ was recently optioned by an up and coming LA producer, and her action comedy ‘Lost In Berlin’ was a finalist in New York’s Athena IRIS Screenwriting Lab 2017. She’s also been shortlisted for the BBC Writers Room. Her debut novel ‘Dead In Venice’ has just been shortlisted for the Audible New Writing Grant, while her short horror story ‘Tinder’ was selected for the Twisted 50, volume two anthology, published Spring 2018



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