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I am really excited today to do something I have not done in a long time, a cover reveal!! When I heard that a new publishing company was being set up – Between the Pages I straight put my hand up and said I would be about to help with anything and everything, the good thing is they already had me on their wishlist – now don’t I feel special!!!

So who is Between the Pages publishing –

Between The Pages publishing is a joint venture of writers. Our aim is to find hidden gems that are rejected elsewhere, because we’ve been there ourselves. 

The ladies behind the scenes are :- Carmen Radtke and Meredith Whitford!

Check them out at their sparkly new website – Between the Pages

So before I share the new cover for Carmen’s book due out on the June 9th, a quick look at her other books…..these covers are lush, you have been warned!

What did I tell you – gorgeous!! I am the proud owner of all these books bar Glittering Death which I need to rectify!

Ok, now on to the book we are here for! What is it about?

Walking in the Shadows by Carmen Radtke
Published by Between the Pages Publishing on June 9 2020

Quail Island, 1909. Jimmy Kokere is the miracle man.

On a small, wind-blasted island off the east coast of New Zealand a small colony of lepers is marooned but not abandoned, left to live out their days in relative peace thanks to the charity of the townspeople and the compassion of the local doctor and matron of the hospital.

Jimmy Kokere is a miracle: he’s been cured. But he still carries the stigma, which makes life back on the mainland dangerous and lonely. To find a refuge, he’s returned to the camp to care for his friend, fellow patient old Will, and disturbed young Charley.

Cured of his physical ailments and dreaming of the girl he once planned to follow to a new life in Australia, Jimmy meets ‘the lady’, the island caretaker’s beautiful but troubled wife who brings their food. Can she help Jimmy forget his difficult past and overcome his own prejudices towards his mixed parentage, and find the courage to risk living in freedom?

Inspired by true events. Longlisted for the Mslexia novel competition.

We now know about Carmen’s previous book covers and we now know about her new book, it is now the time to see the lush cover!!

You ready?????????

How purdy does this look!! It comes out June 9th, so keep your eyes peeled for this!

Until next time xxx

About Carmen Radtke

Carmen Radtke is a journalist turned novelist and screenwriter, with two passports and an incurable case of wanderlust.

She’s the author of the cozy historical mysteries The Case of the Missing Bride, Glittering Death, False Play At The Christmas Party, A Matter of Love and Death and the upcoming Murder at the Races.

When she’s not safely ensconced behind her keyboard, she’s busy being bossed around by a cat.



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