Well hello and welcome to the new site!

Posted September 9, 2018 by Zoé in Blog / 2 Comments

So, I am pleased to introduce to you my new site Zooloo’s Book Diary! Welcome!

After all my moaning and issues with my old blog, where there were virus, hacked accounts, not able to get on to my blog,  issues with the hosting and a lack of help all round I decide to start from scratch. I am slowly reposting all my old original posts. February and August have been done, I still have March – July to do. 

I decided, by starting from scratch I would change the colour scheme, post layouts and revamp it a little, so I hope you enjoy! 

I will be sharing over the next couple of days all my posts that were lost from the end of August, so I hope you do not get too bored with me! I have decided I won’t be doing my challenges anymore because to be honest it too long to do, and I wasn’t actually sure if anyone would be interested. I will still do my weekly one just to say hi, but not sure of the new format yet. The reason for the change….well I can’t remember the photos that were originally on the post because I lost all the media too! *face palm*

Anyway, thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy the new blog. Guess what you can now like posts, comment properly and wait for it….FOLLOW MY BLOG!!! Happy dance for me! 

So it is still me, still Zooloo, just with a tweak the name, all my social media is still the same.

So stop by and say hi sometime I don’t bite

Zoé xxx



Stay and have a chat :)

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