Well May, That’s A Wrap!

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Well, lockdown is still here, the weather is glorious and the one positive is my garden is coming along nicely for sure! Mini-me is going to go back to school Tuesday and I am excited for her but of course nervous. There has been a lot of too-ing and fro-ing but this is the best decision for us., what is right for us is not going to be right for someone else. However, mini-me is really excited, seen a picture of her classroom and is can’t wait to have a desk to herself, she said she can chill out now with all that space. That she is taking a blanket and pillow to school so she can relax – have explained that is not the case!!

That is my month in a nutshell. Work, home school, sun, garden, beach, running, movies and lots of them!

I re-vamped my blog, I am now on a buying ban and NetGalley ban, read here. 8 days on and it’s going well!

We did, unfortunately, become a horrible statistic this month as my Nan’s partner Norman lost his life after contracting COVID after staying in the hospital after he suffered a stroke. It is such a horrible time for everyone and its hard knowing I can’t go and hug my nan.

Norman, Nan and me on my wedding day

I added some more drawings to the wall, well 2. I have been taking it too slow it seems! Not my finest but mini-me is happy. Will try to get another 2 done this month…

Right so bookish things now!

What have I read this month?

I am surprised too! 12 books this month! 2 more than last time, I have lost my lunchtimes and yet still got more read?! Maybe because the boy is playing golf 3 times a week…or I have just read some awesome books!

I am not going to bore everyone again with the books I bought/NetGalley because I posted it 8 days with my revamp post (here) and nothing has changed! I have now added a new post to help countdown my NetGalley reads and my first review will be up Friday, it was a buddy read so 759 to go!

I did however get Book Post which was not expected and I am so excited! This may also be added to my 20 books of Summer!

What have I posted this month?

Usual Should I Stay or Go posts and then it was a bit busy, didn’t feel like it though!

Author TakeOvers

The Cornish Connection By Amanda James

Author Appreciation – Amanda James

It’s Here! The Day For A New #AuthorTakeOver. My Journey So Far… By Noelle Holten

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Dead Inside By Noelle Holten 

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Excerpt Time! Dead Wrong By Noelle Holten

Dead Wrong By Noelle Holten

Author Appreciation – Noelle Holten

It’s Here! The Day For A New #AuthorTakeOver. The Story Behind The Story Part 1 By Gina Kirkham

Excerpt Time! Handcuffs, Truncheon And A Polyester Thong By Gina Kirkham

Blog Tours (I know what are these again!)

The Patience Of A Dead Man By Michael Clark 

The First Date By Zara Stoneley

The House On Rectory Lane By Stuart James

Just Another Silly Love Song By Rich Amooi

Dead Wrong By Noelle Holten

Broken Steel By Stuart Field

Swipe Right By Stephie Chapman

A Cornish Summer Holiday By Rosie Green

Until Summer Comes Around By Glenn Rolfe

Cover Reveals

Walking In The Shadows By Carmen Radtke

Whispers In The Dark By Chris McDonald

Sunshine And Second Chances By Kim Nash

An Eye For An Eye By Carol Wyer

Book Reviews

The Feud By Kimberley Chambers

Blog Posts

April – Well That Went And Gone! That’s A Wrap

20 Books Of Summer Is Back Baby! My Summer Challenge

What Has She Done Now? Why Has It Changed Again? What Is This Ban You Speak Of?

The 5 Books I’ve Read With The Lowest Goodreads Rating

God, I am tired just reading all this! Well roll on June festivities, I am still going to be doing Gina’s AuthorTakeover and I have another on its way, the lovely Anne Coates. If you have read her books please do contact me! I have a few blog tours – kind of doubled up on 1 day! More Should I Stay or Go and maybe a new book list and some ramblings who knows! However, not sure how I am going to do with the football season starting again!!

How has your May been? What have you enjoyed this month?

Until next time xxx



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11 responses to “Well May, That’s A Wrap!

    • Zoé

      Aw thanks Frankie! It’s been a mad month. About the only positive of lockdown is the garden and getting to know my neighbours! Lol xx

  1. Love that mini-you is planning on chilling out at school, bless her ? Gorgeous photo of the both of you and I love your wedding dress! So sorry to hear about your nan’s husband though, I hope your nan is well, or as well as she can be considering the circumstances. xx

    • Zoé

      Yeah she’s learned it’s not all chilling ? aw thanks lovely. It’s been crap, my Nan is ok considering she’s just really angry about it all xx

    • Zoé

      Thank you lovely! It’s about the only positive from lockdown. It’s getting there. Got to do more planting this weekend to get the top done and then focus on the bottom lol xx