Well, that was August! #thatsawrap

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Well, how is everyone? How was your month? I can’t believe August it is already over! Well, I did have 3 weeks much needed time off work. I did so little reading which was strange but kind of refreshing. I knew I would be taking a break in August and to be honest, apart from the blog tours I have coming up. I will be taking another break. I will share reviews etc when I can but back at work now and so things will get tricky. I did also have 3 AuthorTakeOver booked in and I have postponed them for the time being, because it appears my MOJO has gone missing, so if anyone could find it for me and return it that would be fab.

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I had a busy and adventurous time with the mini one for the 3 weeks I was off. We had family down, lots of day trips and accumulated 10 new babies………it was my idea and I seem to have lost the ownership of them all.So we have 10 fishes and they have ALL been named, but it is only me that can tell the difference LOL.

Garden update, had to rip out loads of flowers as they got ruined by the local cats but I have planted more in preparation for next Spring. Plus the baby hedgehog came out a few times to say hi and even sat with the cat! Plus with the amount of Butterfly eggs and Caterpillar’s I have had, we found a cocoon in the garden, so more butterflies and caterpillars on the way!

What Have I Read This Month?

So not too bad considering last month I read 21. I would have smashed my 20 Books for Summer too if I had been kinder to myself.

What Have I Got This Month? 

I have been a bit naughty! I had to pre-order a book by the wonderful Fiona Leitch. Also, because Midnight Sun came out I had to break my ban and then rebuy the Twilight books. Obviously! The others are freebies/library. Yes, you will spy 1 NetGalley one but that is because it is for a tour and I couldn’t say no to the author.

What Have I Posted This Month?

Author TakeOver

A Writer’s Journey By Carol Wyer

Book Review – Somebody’s Daughter By Carol Wyer

Author Appreciation – Carol Wyer

Blog Tours

Book Review – The HeatWave By Katerina Diamond

Q&A and Book Review – Murder Ahoy! By Fiona Leitch

Book Review – The Resident By David Jackson

Book Review – Blood And Steel By Stuart Field

Book Review – Save Her Soul By Lisa Regan

Book Review – Dead Woman Scorned by Michael Clark

Book Reviews

Mini Reviews – Snap By Belinda Bauer & In The Dark By Cara Hunter 

Book Review – The Flatshare By Beth O’Leary

Book Review – The First Time Lauren Pailing Died By Alyson Rudd

Book Review – Fifty-Fifty by Steve Cavanagh

Blog Posts

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Well that was my month, how has your month?

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12 responses to “Well, that was August! #thatsawrap

  1. It looks like you’ve had a fabulous month on your blog and that you’ve read some great books. I hope your mojo returns soon. I’ve lost my mojo for reading and blogging at the moment and am trying to be easier on myself about it. I hope yours returns very soon. xx

  2. I love that you got fishies 🐟😄 Now all you need is a few chickens 😉 I love your garden and the hedgehog! Maybe your mojo is on a trip with mine? That would explain A LOT 😂

    • Zoé

      ha ha not sure chickens will be on the list, i think the next thing is frogs LOL. Our mojos are naughty if we can’t have a holiday they shouldnt LOL xx