Well, That Was December! #Thatsawrap

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I apologise now if you get bored, it’s quite a long post!

Well, the month started with a bang! It was mini-me’s birthday, not so little mini-me now, a whopping 7-year-old. You would think she was a teenager though with the way she acts sometimes. It has been a bit worrying with her health this month, but she is getting better thankfully.

We all broke up for Christmas at the same time which was nice because the boy leaves soon to his new home for 4 years. All being well he will be home at the weekends, hopefully. The time has gone so quickly!!

I am back trying to up my Instagram game, if you want to follow me, you can find me here.

We had our Christmas Party via teams and being an arts charity and a creative one, we obviously did something creative with a tomato puree tube, this is my creation.

The podcast is back!!!!!! So I have been so privileged to interview some epic authors this month, do check out the podcast here. This month includes Chris Carter, Alan Gorevan, Tony Parson, Liz Nugent, M.W. Craven, Madeleine Black and the absolute legend MICHAEL CONNELLY. Eeeeekkkkkkk. This podcast is so much fun to record with Stuart and Chloe, it is always a giggle! Plus the ladies of the 5* star, well we are always up to some mischief! I have done a separate post about the podcast here.

Christmas was very low key, being put into tier 4 put a dampener on things, haven’t been able to see my mum and family, nor friends but it is what it is. We had a lovely day, family games and too much food. The night before I spoiled the pair with matching PJs and Mario and Sonic on the switch, did create a few disagreements when two of us didn’t win…the mini-me one has the boys temperament for losing! Creates more fun for me.

Next year (or this year depending when you read it) I am taking part in 2 Reading Challenges.

1st challenge was set up by TBC on Facebook and you can read more about it here and what I decided to read. here is the link for it here

2nd challenge I set up for myself and it is my Backlist Challenge, I have chosen 30 books which have been on my TBR list since 2019. I am purposely ignoring 2020 and to make it even harder I am even ignoring NetGalley. God knows why I do these things! Here is the link for the post here.

I am also planning on restarting my Author TakeOvers again next year but this time not so full-on and so will start to contact the authors I planned.

How did everyone do on their reading challenges?

I read 154 books but according to GoodReads, it was only 152 due to the 2 books being Beta Reads! I am so happy about this as I set my target at 150. I am surprised I even managed to get this high, with working full time from home (no furlough in sight), homeschooling and working full time and homeschooling at the same time. Then came the slump, so I am so glad I hit my target! I know everyone has hard a year and not just me but I am just so happy with my reading.

I even kept a spreadsheet this year with some fancy graphs and stats so I could see how I was getting on with my reading.

July was my best month….well that was my Carol Wyer month. 😏

This was interesting to see what the breakdown of the books I read was. So you can that only 20% of my reading was for blog tours – drastic change from last year!

I won’t bore you with anymore but these two I found interesting!

I started my NetGalley countdown in June on Book 630, where I was on a self imposed ban, according to my NetGalley Countdown I should be on bok 600 but on NetGalley I am back up to 626. Doh!! I did however get my ratio up from 17% to 21% I am planning on clearing 70 from NetGalley shelf at least this in 2021. I have already planned 45 books and there rest should be tours. Fingers crossed it works!!

Ok, on to the bookish things!

What Have I Read This Month?

12 books read, not too shabby!

What Have I Got This Month? 

No NetGalleys this month – winner winner chicken dinner! Also, a very lovely lady gifted me the Ragnar series! I can’t wait to start these!!!!

What Have I Posted This Month?

Blog Tours

How Love Actually Ruined Christmas (Or Colourful Narcotics) By Gary Raymond

The Other Couple By Cathryn Grant 

Foul Play – A Card Game Review

Breathe Your Last By Lisa Regan

A Kiss in the Snow by Rosie Green

End Game by Carol Wyer

Book Reviews

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone By J.K. Rowling 

Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson

He Started it by Samantha Downing

The Guilty Paty by Mel McGrath

Torn Apart by M.A. Comley

Little Darlings by Melanie Golding

Behind Closed Doors by B.A Parris

A Recipe For Disaster By Belinda Missen


I do a what now?

*New Episode Alert* It Is THE Interview With Michael Connelly!!!!!

*New Episode Alert* The ATM Club Presents Liz Nugent

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Happy New Year to you all! Hope you have a fab time and that Christmas was as every bit as special as you could make it.

I will leave it with Deadpool to wish you a belated Merry Christmas!

Animated gif about gif in marvel by why so serious?

See you Next Year! 💘

Until next time xxx



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