Well, That Was February! #Thatsawrap

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Like most months you kind of forget what is going on! I know I have! I remember it has been another month of homeschooling, working full time and the boy is away. Somehow we have struggled on through, like everyone to many emotions that I won’t go in to here but we are both looking forward to a somewhat break on the 8th.

In celebration of this, I treated myself to a desk! I mean it is not likely I will be back in the office full time anymore but the earliest we have been told that we are considering this is June. This means I have been home since March 17th 2020, I am getting cabin fever and the change of scenario might make things a bit easier. On a positive note, on Good Friday, my birthday treat, I am going to go home and see my mum in her garden, the first time since June and before that February. I am going to read up, but if there is a way I can sit my Nan’s garden too, I am going to do it, I have not seen her since 2019 and I wasn’t able to see her when she lost her partner to Covid. I would love to see my Grandad but I think that would be pushing it. Fingers crossed it is a nice sunny day and that people do not go crazy and that dates do not get pushed back. Not to sound like a snivelling brat but I just want to see my Mummy! LOL

I also dyed my hair -ultraviolet. We have also turned the bottom of the garden into an alpine rockery now we have the fence all fitted in!

Nazboo has become my helper at work as he sits with me while I work but then he sits with me while I watch TV and he sleeps nose to nose with me. He is a Mummys boy who does not know personal space. Jet is still not a huge fan but she will tolerate him, inbetween having a few fights. We do however, have a cat that keeps breaking in and eating their food when I am sleeping, do either of them protect the house…erm NO! Little blighters, sit and watch the cat come in unless I get out of bed to scare it away!

Unfortunately, some things must also come to an end, and due to things that I won’t go into here, the podcast is on a hiatus. Whether it will come back or not I am not sure but it was so much fun. I have made so many amazing friends because of it, for which I am so thankful.

I have now started to work with Question Mark Press where I will be doing some blog tours for them, if you want to be on my list, please do give me a shout. I think there will only be 8 tours (if that) a year and there is ZERO pressure from me. We had our first “board meeting” on Sunday which last 2 hours. So many exciting things are happening which I can not wait to share with you.

But it leads me to a new feature on my blog which I have spent some much time researching and I am excited about. It all started with potential collaboration with someone in the USA, where we have been discussing me writing some articles for them, all about…yup you got it….all things HORROR! I am not sure how it will all pan out but it got me thinking about the things I love and wanted to do. So there will be a new element to the blog, it is called The Horror Within, I may eventually give it its only blog but until then you will notice differences when I am posting under the name. For starters, the headers are not all flowery. I will be doing an introduction post about it soon. But it will be a lot of TV/Movie/Book reviews plus a look at the history and theories behind the stories. I am so excited about this, teasers have gone on my Instagram and the first thing I am looking at Possessed Dolls!! A post will be published soon to tell you more but if you check out my Instagram, you will see updates on there!

Oh and Nostalgi- aaaaargh is starting up again with the lovely Steph over at Bookshine and Readbows, this did go on a slight hiatus but we can’t wait to get it started again! So more point Horror will be coming back again.

Onto things all bookish.

What Have I Read This Month?

What Have I Got This Month? 

Not too shabby!

What Have I Posted This Month?

Blog Tours

Shadow Of A Doubt By Michelle Davies

An Eye For An Eye By Carol Wyer

The Burning Girls By C.J. Tudor

Lost Souls By Chris Merritt

Cry For Help By Wendy Dranfield 

Not Having It All By Jennie Ensor

If I Fall By Merilyn Davies 

Cover Reveal

Dead Secret By Noelle Holten

A Cut For A Cut By Carol Wyer 

Lost Souls By Jenny O’Brien

The Art Of Loving You By Amelia Henley

Damage By Caitlin Wahrer

Book Reviews

Murder On The Menu By Fiona Leitch

Summer At Comfort Food Cafe By Debbie Johnson

The Kindness Of Psychopaths By Alan Gorevan

Shadow Falls By Wendy Dranfield

When I Lost You By Merilyn Davies


*New Episode Alert* The ATM Club Presents Cate Quinn

Blog Posts

Well, That Was January!

Update on my reading challenges

TBC Reading Challenge 2021 – Out of 12, I have read in February 1, Totalling 1

NetGalley45 Backlist 2021 – Out of 45, I have read in February 1, Totalling 4

BackList Reading 2021 – Out of 30, I have read in February 0, Totalling 0

Book Bingo 2021 – Out of 88, I have read in February 6, Totalling 14 (However, I have not checked to see if anymore fit on the squares yet!)

NetGalley BookReviews Countdown 630-550 – Started February at 593 and I end on 570 (However, due to personal reasons I have cleared 56 books from my shelf that will not be read, so the countdown looks a bit squiffy because of it)

How was the shortest month of the year for you? Mine was a lot busier than I thought!!

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