Well, That Was January! #Thatsawrap

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Well, January happened, the longest month of the year. I am still not sure if I felt it or not yet? Ask me in a few days.

Well, the year didn’t kick off the best, between the new lockdown and homeschooling whilst working full time, the boy had to leave. He has now been posted away from us and will only be home at weekends and if we are lucky it will be every weekend. Just waiting to see. Mini-me, as you can imagine, was inconsolable. The day he left, she did not stop crying all afternoon when he was still here and then she cried herself to sleep in my bed, my heart broke. For her, it all happens at once, if he had gone when she was still at school etc, I think it would have softened the blow, but as it did before, too much changed at once. We have tried to muddle through as much as we can, there has been tears and some strops but we are coping. I have had a mini tantrum and cried for my mummy, nothing like acting like a teenager when you are nearly 40!

On a brighter note, we have a new family member and yes he is spoiled.

Meet Nazboo and he is a menace to my Jet but he is also the cutest little man ever.

We managed to get a new fence, which now makes our garden feel like one, but now it means I have a lot of work to do come Spring! Be nice to actually leave my house, especially as it is coming up to 1 year of working from home!!!

I updated my blog….again, apparently I had only done it in May but this time I am hoping to keep it like this for a long time this time!

I have an exciting announcement coming up soon, hopefully, next month, just waiting to hear for an update before sharing! The podcast is still going strong and it is so much fun each week, it sets up my weekend. A bit of a routine really, I do the podcast and then we blitz the Marvel films. On the 31st January, I will be able to safely say, Mini-me has now watched all Marvel films – phase one to four. It has been quite entertaining to argue over who loves Captain America more, obviously for different reasons!

Captain America: Civil War': Why Chris Evans Is the Anxious Avenger -  Rolling Stone

Oh sorry, how did that slip in there!! LOL. I must say, it has been so much fun re-watching the films because I am noticing things I didn’t notice the first time around. Cameos mean so much more and I have appreciation now for characters I didn’t before! Plus a weird infatuation with Benedict Cumberbach but only as Dr Strange!

Plus Mini-me and I have been watching Friends, ok she is too young for it and the jokes go over her head but she is obsessed and again, watching that from the beginning its nice to see the signs to how it all ends.

I have blitz Bridgerton and watched that for the plot, obviously

Netflix's 'Bridgerton' Nails the Allure of the Bridgerton Boys: Anthony,  Benedict, and Colin

And I have just started the Fall with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Doran, beginning to see why he got the Fifty Shades gig now! Still, it is such a good show!

Well that is my news for now, so how about we check out my bookish things

What Have I Read This Month?

What Have I Got This Month? 

I treated myself, because the 6 books I bought last month weren’t enough, that I had to buy another 7 LOL. Ok, 8 are NetGalley but 4 are for tours….. so I haven’t been too naughty! However, my NG books have crept up to 630….and my countdown is on 594….hmmmmmmmmm I have issues!

What Have I Posted This Month?

Blog Tours

The Wife Who Knew Too Much By Michele Campbell 

Editing Your Novel By Bethany A Tucker 

The Last Thing To Burn By Will Dean

The Tear Collector By Shawn Burgess

Before She Disappeared By Lisa Gardner

In Darkness, Shadows Breath By Catherine Cavendish

The Island By CL Taylor

Cover Reveal

Beneath Her Skin And Dying To Be Her By Gregg Olsen

Book Reviews

Mr Invisible By Duncan Brockwell

The Life We Almost Had By Amelia Henley

Don’t You Cry By Cass Green

How to Keep A Secret by Sarah Morgan

Skin Deep by Liz Nugent


*New Episode Alert* The ATM Club Presents Louise Jensen

New Episode Alert The ATM Club Presents Madeleine Black

*New Episode Alert* The ATM Club Presents Louise Beech

*New Episode Alert* The ATM Club Presents Lisa Gardner

*New Episode Alert* The ATM Club Presents Tony Parsons

Blog Posts


I set myself 4 different challenges and you can read more about them here. I will be updating these pages as I start to clear the books off! The links are below and on my 2021 Reading Challenge page. I will update it when I have read a book off that list!

TBC Reading Challenge 2021 – Out of 12, I have read in January 0

NetGalley45 Backlist 2021 – Out of 45, I have read in January 3

BackList Reading 2021 – Out of 30, I have read in January 0

Book Bingo 2021 – Out of 88, I have read in January 8

If I complete these challenge that will be a minimum of 87 books (ignoring the Book Bingo challenge) at least with a minimum of 45 from NG shelf. I am planning on more, but I wanted to go a bit easy LOL

Also I am still update my NetGalley Countdown page and I am currently on Book 594

NetGalley BookReviews Countdown 630-550

How have you survived the longest month of the year?

Until next time xxx



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9 responses to “Well, That Was January! #Thatsawrap

    • Zoé

      I am really looking forward to it. I have now got the audio from the library for Seven Husband. That I think will be my next audio one.
      He is adorable bless him, but my other cat isn’t a fan! lolxx

  1. It is always hard when one of our chicks flies the nest. Your new kitten is so cute, even thought I am not a cat person, I still appreciate a cute animal. I see you are going to start reading about the Bridgerton clan. I hope they live up to the show. 😊😊

    • Zoé

      Ah it’s the husband that flew the nest. I am stuck with the chick! She isn’t going anywhere. Yes I am looking forward to the books, just need to fit the time in !

      • Oh, that is hard, I hope he makes it home as often as possible. I totally get the time issue. I wish I had more time to relax and read than I have now, but it will come when my granddaughter returns to school next week.

    • Zoé

      Ha ha he is a very cute boy! Got a collar now. My Jet isn’t a fan but they were in the same room last night for about an hour and no fighting so a win win! lol