Well, That Was March! #Thatsawrap

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I am a bit late writing this up because now April is merging into March already. Trying to keep April news to the end of the month but I have to say it was my birthday Thursday and I saw my mum after 9 months but will leave that for next month. Although it has made my year!!

I haven’t been a great blogger lately, posts have slowed down and I haven’t been able to share as much as I would like to. This has been down to a number of things, mini-me went back to school and so it has been head down getting work sorted and catching up for our Year-End. Mini-me has loved being back at school and seeing her friends, she had World Book Day and went as Harley Quinn, she was over the moon! Mainly because she got to wear my make up!

Another reason, I have got slighty addicted to Line of Duty !!!!

The other two reasons are because life got hectic, I started to do blog tours for a small press – Question Mark Press and I took the plunge into doing something I have thought about doing for years. So I set up Zooloo’s Book Tours, which then led me to start an exciting adventure with Spellbound Books too. I have some awesome tours coming from both these fantastic families of people and some other authors too!

Bloggers, here is a list for my current open tours – https://zooloosbookdiary.co.uk/open-tours

Authors, here is the link to the services I offer – https://zooloosbookdiary.co.uk/zooloos-blog-tours

I am so excited about this and I really hope that it all works. I also, as part of a Question Mark Press branch off, am writing a YA Horror book, in the style of a Point Horror series. My PIC Donna has already finished her book and put me to shame! It is an awesome read, so keep your eyes out for more news on this!!!!

What Have I Read This Month?

What Have I Got This Month? 

Ok so NetGalley went a bit mad, some of these are blog tours and 2 I was invited to read. And I went on a spending spree!

What Have I Posted This Month?

Blog Tours

The Devil’s Mark By W.D Jackson-Smart

Be Mine Forever By D.K Hood

Captain Clive’s Dreamworld By Jon Bassoff

Manipulated Lives By H.A. Leuschel

Uncork My Love by Rich Amooi

Cover Reveal

Comatose By Jane Badrock

Marble’s Marvels By Katie Simpkins

Book Reviews

DeadHead By C.J. Skuse

Bad Bastards By Paul Heatley

Sticks And Stones By Jo Jakeman

The Horror Within

#TheHorrorWithin – The Introduction

In The Tall Grass By Stephen King

In The Tall Grass #MovieReview

The Collector By K.R Alexander

Blog Posts

Well, That Was February!

Update on my reading challenges – well there is no update as I haven’t updated them, so I will updae in April.

TBC Reading Challenge 2021 – Out of 12, I have read in February 1, Totalling 1

NetGalley45 Backlist 2021 – Out of 45, I have read in February 1, Totalling 4

BackList Reading 2021 – Out of 30, I have read in February 0, Totalling 0

Book Bingo 2021 – Out of 88, I have read in February 6, Totalling 14 (However, I have not checked to see if anymore fit on the squares yet!)

NetGalley BookReviews Countdown 630-550 – Started March at 570 and I end on 568 (Not a great month for NetGalley)

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      I have started it twice, but I need to sit and properly listen to it. LB has a new bookc oming out soon under QMP, tour alert lol