Well, That Was October! #Thatsawrap

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Well, the month did not end on a high what with the announcement last night by Boris! My month has been an interesting one! I got myself a new car – traded in my old one which literally on death’s door, making awful noises, battery draining, now on to a car where I hope there are no problems.

We had Parent’s Evening over Zoom which was brilliant, I could not have asked for a better parent’s evening. Just lovely to hear all the positives. She finally got her 10 metres swimming on her back and front – cost me a lot of money and her golf lessons are finally paying off. However now that all has to stop for a month, but I know she will pick it up in no time again.

I have been taking part in a weekly podcast where I share my 5 star reviews with a bunch of lovely bloggers run by the authors Stuart James and Keri Beevis – check out the podcast here

But last week, I finally got a HOLIDAY!

Well, it was a week off work to Butlins in Minehead, man I needed that. I have not laughed, drunk nor relaxed so much in a LONG TIME!! Going with family can always be worrying if you haven’t spent a lot of time together but we all had a blast. Mini-me and her cousin are the best of friends, the hubby got embarrassed at the circus and we were ringside for a wrestling match…..I may have been a bit animated and the mini one was putting her hand over my mouth in case they told me off. We went to so many fun shows and even though there was still a lot of people everyone wore their masks and abided by the rules. If you didn’t well you would be chased down by a red coat.

Oh….how did they get there….these are the wrestling pictures. 🤣😉😋

Ok, on to the bookish things!

What Have I Read This Month?

I have also read 3 books that aren’t out yet so I have no covers. One is out in November but nothing has been revealed. The other 2 well we are waiting for publishers! So a total of 10 books this month.

What Have I Got This Month? 

A couple of library audiobooks and some awesome book post from my #sisterfromanothermister and then Good Samaritans from the fabulous Karen (Mumma Orenda). Some from NetGalley but they are tours and one was an old approval. And again, ones I can’t share covers yet with you!!!

What Have I Posted This Month?

It has been a quiet month really.

Blog Tours

Log Fires & Toffee Apple Cake At The Little Duck Pond Cafe By Rosie Green

A Prayer For The Broken By Mark Tilbury

Dead Perfect By Noelle Holten

Stranded By Stuart James

Book Reviews

The Rumour By Lesley Kara

The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor

Cover Reveals

Lie Beside Me By Gytha Lodge

Blog Posts

Well, That Was September! 

#MusicMonday – Just Let Me Give You The Freedom To Dream

#MusicMonday – It’s Getting Late Have You Seen My Mates

#MusicMonday – I Want Your Love, And I Want Your Revenge

#MusicMonday – I Want Your Number Tattooed On My Arm In Ink, I Swear

Well that was my month, how has your month?

Until next time xxx



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5 responses to “Well, That Was October! #Thatsawrap

  1. I love your family pics. Looks like you all had a fun time. I have Rich Amooi’s new book coming up and am really looking forward to it.

    • Zoé

      Thanks Carla, it wasnt a bad month for the year it’s been. Still had a few lows but didn’t want to go on about them. I loved Rich’s book well I love all his book but this was a nice piece of sunshine x