Well, That Was September! #Thatsawrap

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It has a been a completely strange month, I have no mojo for reading which I found strange. I only read 9 books which is still good but low for me. Anyway, this month! So mini-me went back to school in Y2!!! Although, she has given me a lecture on how she is not a mini-me, in her words, “I am me!!” LOL. Love her.

We had the yearly Mum trips away camping and well for a change I might have had too much to drink LOL. We found an awesome rope swing so obviously had to have a go! Also, family conker match started, it is that season after all!

Well I finally got my pond, we spent a fortune on it and when we bought it we were under the impression that we could have fish as we specifically said we couldn’t get electrics to the pond. We were then sold the wrong thing!! So had to take it all back and get more plants for the pond then the delivery went wrong with the pond. We then got some paint made up at B&Q and me and the mini one have started to paint the rocks around it. Got some lights, a fairy house and gnomes. So it’s been interesting, but the POND IS IN!!

And more flowers are starting to bloom, my new favourite Ostrich Asters – Lush!

Ok, on to the bookish things!

What Have I Read This Month?

What Have I Got This Month? 

Yes, unfortunately, 3 NetGalley fell into my lap, in my defence. 1, yes 1, I was invited to! Oh and a pre-order…..

What Have I Posted This Month?

Author TakeOver

This feature is currently on hold while I get my mojo back.

Blog Tours

Under Your Skin By Rose McClelland

The Raven By Jonathan Janz

Who’s Next? By Chris Merritt

Anger is Acid by Michael Clark

The Ex-Boyfriend by Rona Halsall

Book Reviews

The Day We Meet Again By Miranda Dickinson

All Yours By Claudia Piñeiro

The Shelf By Helly Acton

The Hit List By Holly Seddon

The Awakening And The Struggle By L.J Smith

You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke

Out of Practice by Penny Parkes

Blog Posts

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Well that was my month, how has your month?

Until next time xxx



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16 responses to “Well, That Was September! #Thatsawrap

  1. Well she is she and you are you. Your mini me… Your cutie is a cutie. Just like you.
    Loved your pond. And the flowers wow. I have a black thumb so I envy green thumbs

    • Zoé

      Aw thanks lovely! I know she is definitely her own person. she just looks like me LOL.
      Thank you, I am loving my pond still a lot to do and more painting. I am not quite a green thumb still haven’t got a clue what I am doing lol

  2. Glad you finally got your pond sorted, it’s looking good. Don’t worry about your mojo, it will return when it’s ready. Just focus on something else and enjoy whatever occupies you instead.

    • Zoé

      Thank you Jill for those words, it means a lot! Thank you I am glad to get the pond sorted. Its been a bit hard work LOL