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It has been another week, I mean when! What the hell happened! I actually cannot remember what happened this week! I read some epic books I know that much. As I write this (Thursday) the new fixture list came out for 2019/2020 season! I was really excited when I saw opening game of season home to Brighton – Yes! Then the last home game of the season – Man City and the last away game of the season – Arsenal – god give me strength!!! Seriously! I just hope we are mid-table at the point and that it does not matter on the points otherwise it could be a dog fight at the bottom of the table.

The boy went on another golf trip this week, only a night, but it only takes a short while for the little lady cause me heart palpations and that is what she did during bath time. Like normal, not listening to me while she clambers about the bath, she slipped and fell. I quickly wrapped her up in her towel and told her off thinking it was just shock……No instead I took another look at her and there was blood EVERYWHERE! She had bashed her nose, even found it all on my arm and cardigan. She is fine, no problems but she likes to tell the story – kids ah! At least she admits she didn’t listen to me…

I am on another ban from NetGalley, a proper one this time. Unless it is a tour book or a book I have been invited to read, no way am I going on now!!! I have given myself a target to hit before I click away again! I will now be forever known as Zooloo the Oath Keeper. Albeit certain people, name-EVA-less ones have no confidence in me lol

Anyway what has hit my lap this week!

All these glorious books have reached me since last Friday. I am a spoiled blogger and I seriously cannot wait to get cracking. A couple are for blog tours too!

I keep getting these awesome indie authors want me – I know me – to review their books and I just can not say no when they sound and look as awesome as these do!

Only the one purchase today and it is currently free on Amazon. It is a novella and a ghostly – why thank you very much.

OK, I was invited to a couple of these and three are for a blog tour. However, I am on a strict ban from NetGalley and have set myself a target of when I can click again. This is for books which are not blog tours nor one I have been invited to read. I need to clear the decks! I do feel like I am at NetGalley anonymous with a book habit for sure.

Any plans for the weekend? I will be travelling up to London this week for the bloggers bash! Very excited about this, meet new bloggers and see some familiar faces. I get a minimum of 4 hours to read in total too! Win Win….well I may lose the 2 on the way home depending on how many drinks I may or may not consume. Hopefully I will have loads of pictures and do a post about it next week!

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23 responses to “What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 14th June #32 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

    • Zoé

      Its way too easy! I’m on a ban and then from July just reading all the books I want to. Lol yeah she’s fine thanks lovely! She likes to do these things when the boy goes away 🤦🏻‍♀️ anything to make me look bad lol. Thanks I’m can’t wait! Xx

  1. I don’t take anything from Netgalley now unless it’s for a blog tour but I do always look, I can’t help myself. It helps that I’m just not feeling the love for ebooks at the moment.

  2. I’m on a NetGalley ban too, I’ve just got the 80% badge and I want to keep it a while, and focus on my own books as well, instead getting caught up in ARCs.