What has landed on my lap this week? – 16th November #2 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks

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Back again! So I should really make a picture for this as I have none. For now this will be it! 

Catchy right ha ha believe me I know it  isn’t but unless someone can come up with a funky name that is what it is! 

So this week I got zero book post this week so not pretty pictures! But I am not a blogger who is in it for the books! (see my book purchases below)

I do keep getting emails about tours I do not remember signing up for – panic much! I just say yes and then forget and then get a tour poster – hello someone needs to remind me to write it down, please !!! Does anyone want to be my PA? Payment in books?

So I may not have received any physical copies of books, but for tour purposes, I have received the following. There is one I can not share with you yet as it is top secret so I did receive 5. 

And then I got one book for a review request, which I am excited to read, plus it was a pretty cover!! 

So what did I buy this week? Now this is where I have gone maybe a little bit tooooo crazy but I just could not wait!! 

And finally, what did I get approved on NetGalley (I still have pending items too eeek! I need to STOP) 1 is for a tour I promise!!!

So what books highlighted your week? What do you think of my overall haul? Madness I think!!

Until next time xx

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2 responses to “What has landed on my lap this week? – 16th November #2 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks