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Second week of Easter holidays but first week for me! So my first day off, sent the little lady to nursery so I could have a day to myself to clean the house…what happens…I got ill. A nice cough and cold came to stay (still with me won’t leave) like an unwanted guest, so spent the day reading in the sun and had a nice lunch with my friend. Since then we have been busy! Going on tractor rides, feeding lambs, going to the beach, making cakes and the fun isn’t stopping. Me I am asleep early every night, can’t handle it! lol Is it wrong to be looking forward to having a break on Tuesday by going back to work?! lol

On the home stretch for the boy coming home. My sanity is looking forward to this!

Got my ticket for the cup final so Wembley here I come looking forward to this! Just hope they play better than they did on Monday against Arsenal – like no red cards for starters!!!

So my book week, I thought it was quiet but then all the books I had brought as a “belated” birthday present to myself turned up…… So excited about ALL of these! The Merry Gendry series is one of my favs, these are ex-library books so are well worn. The only issue I have, I specifically ordered a certain book cover and well that’s not what I got sent….so going to have to re-buy them.

So some exciting, horrifying and beautiful book post!

Only the one click on NetGalley, I have the first book in the series and it comes so highly praised I need to give it a go.

So all very calm for me this week! lol How has your week been generally and bookishly?

Until next time xxx

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11 responses to “What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 19th April #24 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a busy week! Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, I hope you feel better soon. At least you have lots of lovely books to read. I have an ebook of Daisy Jones but think I’m going to have to buy the hardback as it is a gorgeous looking book! Happy reading! 🙂 x

    • Zoé

      I am so excited by that, the reviews I have read have just got me all hyped up for it! It has been busy, waiting for Monday for a break before work lol xx