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Seriously how is it February?!! I have spent some of this week being a little bit grumpy, letting things sink in and then you face the reality of some people in your life. My migraines have also wanted to try and rear their ugly head again! So not been good. Anyway, I am not generally a negative person so going to move on from this! Got a nice sunday to look forward to as I have dinner round my friends’ house!

I have not been so good with pictures this week with my book post but I got one that I am excited about! Couple of requests and some blog tours.

No new books brought and no books on Kindle Unlimited because I want to catch up!…. Ok when I drafted this I had not brought anything and then Eva @Novel Deelights comes along and now I have brought 4 books because of her review…….

NetGalley not so quite, I blame Bookouture! And I got accepted for a book I never dreamed I would be so I am quite excited for it! The new Jack Jordan book!

Not quite sure what I am going to do tonight, the world is my oyster! My last friday before the boy is home so should make it a treat!

How has your week been? Anything new books you want to tell me about?

Until next time xxx

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6 responses to “What has landed on my lap this week? – 1st February #13 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks #kindleunlimited #lapwrap #fridaylapwrap