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Wow can not believe it is the first of March! Where has the time gone!! Been a bit of a rubbish week but its the weekend and I might get some time to relax……long pause……lots of loud laughing….that will never happen!

The OH has been away for over a week now and we seem to be coping ok. We finally have an end date to when he is home and then I can go away by myself to a remote island and read….oh wait that is just a fantasy of mine!

The sun has been shining so will hope that it stays that way! With the start of a new months marks a start of a new buddy read month! Last month we read

Angela Marsons – Silent Scream

Emily Koch – If I die before I wake (review to follow – this one completely split the group)

Alice Clark-Platt – The Flower Girls (Review to follow but this is definitely a winner in our eyes)

Some fantastic book post for tours, a two giveaway wins and a present has come for me this week! I am beyond touched and a very happy blogger!

So I have no book purchases to report, and I got my new audible credit spent (Eva Don’t shoot me!!) I am so excited by this book and the series, plus with this credit you get a copy of the book too!!

No new rentals on my Unlimited membership! Yay!

So nice books sent to my Kindle this week! Some out of my comfort zone but I thought they were worth the try!

So, last week I went through a mad click phase on NetGalley, well the approvals are still coming through *face palm*. Although one I have been invited to read…so to get to the reading!! (Let us not judge it is a safe space here, especially to discuss everyone else clicking habits!)

So what is your weekend looking like? We are back on Swimming lessons now after little lady got her 5m badge! Woohoo, and then maybe a quick trip home as we had some really bad news the beginning of the week in the family.

How has your week been? Any new books you want to tell me about?

Look out for a new feature I am starting tomorrow, which needs audience participation….well tomorrow doesn’t, you will see why!

Until next time xxx

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8 responses to “What has landed on my lap this week? – 1st March #17 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks #kindleunlimited #lapwrap #fridaylapwrap