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Well what a week it has been, I don’t think I have recovered just yet and it’s blinking Friday!

Last week I went to the Bloggers Bash (I didn’t win but thank you to those who voted for me). It was lovely to catch up with friends I had made last year and make some news one – who inadvertently can not get rid of me without the want of them trying to!! Was a long ole day! Got on the train at 7.52am! And headed up on the slow train to London Victoria, I did this so I could read clever thinking for the way there NOT on the way back!! I met up with Mart, yes you know the one who won Best Newcomer last year and I STILL DID NOT HEAR THE END OF IT! Check out his blog – The Beardy Book Blogger. I met up with Isa from Joandisalovebooks, Jo we missed you. I finally met Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources (all in photos below) and met Simon from Planet Simon and caught up with author and MC of the day Graeme Cumming and so many more people! It was such a fab day, with a workshop on Flat laying, I chose to drink in the bar at this point as I seriously can’t take photos, and talks from bloggers and an author. Sorry I was rubbish didn’t take any pictures of that bit!! Here some pictures that I did manage to take though! <3

Then I kept saying that I needed to leave by 7pm as I was going to my friends for drinks…well I got nudged about 9pm and then it was a mad dash to get food and made it to the 10:10pm train home…got home about 12:30am! Eeek can’t be doing this long day lark anymore! Sunday was Father’s day and the boy did his usual….played golf! Me and Alicia just chilled out and then we all went to a family day at my work and had dinner out.

This week has been a blur! Not going to lie, a lot of reading and as I write this on Thursday, I have leaving drinks at work. Completely not happy about my friend leaving but I cannot seem to do anything to change his mind doh! (I am wondering if its my fault!) lol.

Busy weekend with birthdays, why does everyone want a birthday the same time! Kids and my mums! eek! So will be flying about like a blue assed fly!

In bookish world what have I been doing?!

I kinda, may have, brought two books that I could not resist and I got some book post. It has been quiet this week on that front and tours mainly because I have stuck my head in the sand and not answered emails oops!

I did not do any clicking on NetGalley you will be pleased to hear, but these are two I had clicked previously due to some fab reviews.

Phew that was a quick post wasn’t it! Yay me!

How was your week? Anything fun planned for the weekend? What are you reading?

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9 responses to “What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 21st June #33 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

  1. Wow okay I’m dead tired just reading about your week 😂 You will thank your lucky stars for that NG The Escape Room ARC, it’s effing brilliant!

    • Zoé

      I am shattered for sure!! lol. I want more sleep! Yes i read your review and I had just been approved so I know I chose right!!!