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Well hello there! And it has been another week, where is the time going?

This week has been a bit pants, I said See You Later to my Uncle Peter. I know he is causing havoc upstairs with my Dad and their brothers. Hopefully my Grandparents are keeping them all in check! <3

It seems to be another week of bashing book bloggers and it is getting quite tiresome. I just cannot even give it the time some people want, because otherwise, everyone would stop blogging!

It has also been a tough week with a sassy 5 year old thinking she is a teenager! I love that is strong-willed but sometimes she needs to stop lol. I have been told she is like me…….I have no hope! I am sure she has added a few pearly whites in my hair this week! However the best meltdown I had was over her school jumper, I even recorded it. That will keep me amused for a while!

I had some exciting news from an author who has asked me to beta read her book but it is a top-secret book!! My god am I excited about it!! I am just so honoured that she wants me too!

So I have a giveaway win to share and I am in love! I won this copy on Twitter, really can’t wait to read this! I am eager to start these and the other DC and Marvel books out there! Birthday soon so watch this space!

I got sent a couple of books for some future tours!

Just one book I got from Amazon. I couldn’t refuse this little gem, it is currently free on Amazon, so be sure to check it out!

So I have been put on NetGalley ban now by Eva and Rae!! I have been good this week, only gone on to put reviews. We had a deal I could not press the “Request” button…..they did not say anything about the “Read now” button…… *sniggers* Also, in my defence, these were requests I submitted ages ago, so the publishers have been on a clicking spree too!

How has your week been? Any new books you are excited about?

Until next time xxx

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16 responses to “What has landed on my lap this week? – 22nd March #20 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks #kindleunlimited #lapwrap #fridaylapwrap

  1. I plan my Netgalleys to two to three a month. The library though, I have no control. I have to take books back, unread, because I get too many.

    • Zoé

      That’s what I am doing from May/June May start doing daily 20 mins segments with some just to get through them. Lol need to probably cull quite a few off my shelf pronto

    • Zoé

      I’m just so fed up of it! If it’s not the ridiculous statements on twitter it’s a small pool of authors that just have to get their two Bob in ??‍♀️

      • The ridiculous twitter statements I can partly understand, we all have opinions and many can be asses at times with theirs and twitter is a way to express opinions. Whispers quietly even I can be an ass on twitter.??? The pool of authors though, no, never understand it and never will.