What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 24th May #29 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

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So it was only a slightly embarrassing defeat last week in the cup final….but we were in the final that is the main thing and the fans were epic, we sang the whole match! This week has completely frazzled my brain with things going on at work! Way too stressful! My cat finally caught the mouse that has been stealing my cous cous! Turns out there were two!! They were released back to the wild, I hope they stay away now because I was not impressed by my cous cous of all things had been eaten!!!!!!!!!!!

So, how has my book week been, to be honest quite quiet! Very nice I might get a chance to catch up……. pah!

So I have been sent the follow for blog tours….nothing the 1 I was sent I don’t have a cover for yet!

I have not brought anything and I have not rented anything…..bit of a boring post this isn’t it!

So that just leaves NetGalley! Now I can not remember doing any clicking…..but who knows with me *facepalm*


I am so proud of me. It is like winning an award, I am winning! lol.

Well sorry that it has been a bit boring for you to read this week……. Oops!

So how has your week been?

Until next time xxx



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19 responses to “What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 24th May #29 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

  1. I’m happy the mice survived :-). I was almost run over by a car this morning but apart from that I’m fine :-). I signed up for a blogtour in August for a novel that I really wanted to read already and I passed on 3, 4 other tours 🙂 although there was an Orenda tour involved and I’ll probably regret it afterwards (again). Have a great weekend Zoé!

    • Zoé

      Yeah me too! Hopefully they will stay out and away from the cous cous lol . Oh no!! Are you sure you ok!! I have passed on a lot lately trying to cut down and get back on my own reading. Which one did you pass up?? Hope you have a fab weekend x

      • Yes I only got a fright there ?. The Last Stage by Louise Voss, two Christmas novels from Aria, The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone,… but the only one I’ll probably really regret is the Orenda novel because they really have great fiction, always. Have a great weekend too lovely!

        • Zoé

          I am glad you are ok bar the fright! Yeah i got rid of the Aria ones! I signed up for Orenda. Because I just kept hearing so much about the book.

  2. Well done on not adding any books this week. I seem to have no willpower at the moment – every time I go on NG to leave feedback for a book I can’t resist having a look at the new books. It always ends with more books.
    I thought Watford played well at the weekend, the result didn’t reflect how good a game it was. I think Man City are just unbeatable when they’re at their best. It’s a shame your team lost but we were so impressed seeing all the support and the flags etc from the Watford end right to the very end.

    • Zoé

      I am suprised at my willpower did not expect to have such a good week but i think because it has been a crap week otherwise lol.

      We were tired after the first goal, Man City were just a different class. Shame we conceeded 6, but the fans were epic. Singing and waving flags right until the end, I was a proud fan!