What has landed on my lap this week? – 25th January #12 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks #kindleunlimited #lapwrap #fridaylapwrap

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What a week! A shout out to my #shallowtribe you girls have kept me sane this week..here is a special thank you to you especially with me being on the verge of not wanting to blog anymore for various reasons.

He thanks you both (Now no fighting!!)

Some book post for blog tours and they are awesome!!!

A couple new requests that have come in and as I have said this is the year for me reading all my requests and clearing my NetGalley shelf!

So I may have purchased a few books…but in fairness, they are for my buddy read with Kate and I needed to get them and Eva cannot moan at me anymore lol. And I had to get The Haunting of Hill House after watching the show and learning it is nothing like the book!

NetGalley, I got the clicking bug this week – oops!

Let me know how your week has been? Tonight is a long overdue night off from reading, catching up with TV and my sewing and writing a guest post for some fellow bloggers!

Until next time xx

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12 responses to “What has landed on my lap this week? – 25th January #12 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks #kindleunlimited #lapwrap #fridaylapwrap

  1. Ooh, hello Richard! ?

    I will keep moaning (although I really don’t appreciate that choice of word ?) until you’ve actually read the entire Kim Stone series!

    What a week, eh, girlie? We made it! We’ve got this! ❤️

    • Zoe

      Ok how about you won’t black list me anymore lol. Ha ha my mum calls me that! Yes it’s been a week you both have kept me sane for sure!!

    • Zoe

      Ah thanks Shalini, 🙂 Oh boo to you being rejected. There has been a few I have really wanted but got rejected for 🙁

    • Zoe

      Ah thanks lovely! Just so many reasons that I am thinking of doing it. That haul should keep me going lol. xx