What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 28th June #34 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

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It has been quite a quiet week this week! After last weekend where we had a 5-year birthday party and swimming lessons, Sunday saw us go to my friends for an impromptu BBQ and a bit of a PTA subcommittee meeting. Cue lots of laughter, screaming kids, fab food and drink and awesome company – I was shattered!

I don’t really know where this week has gone, all I have done is go to work and then come and read once Mini-Me has gone to bed! And I have been trying to be good and I have got up at 5.30am three times this week to get my work out done and this has meant that I have been aching in places I did not know could ache this week!

I haven’t been able to keep up with blog hopping and got a bit stressed about everything. Yet, the weather is now taking a nice turn and I managed to get to the beach on my lunch this week and calm my mind a bit and take stock.

I have brought books this week but they aren’t for me! Birthday presents! Grrr!! I did however get 1 blog tour book and some fab books from another blogger – thanks Lauren!

I used my monthly credit and a daily deal and purchased these two. Mainly for a nudge by Rae and Eva because of the nice young man who narrates them.

I have not even gone near NetGalley, but when I checked I had been approved on some books I clicked on before my ban!

Mainly because I have not had a chance to get to my emails I have no other books to report of! I do need to clear my emails but I have just not had anytime for me lately.

This weekend I am off back up for a family BBQ, just me and mini-me and I have not decided if I am going to stay or not at my mums. I think I need a time out!

What are you upto this weekend? How’s your reading?

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9 responses to “What Has Landed On My Lap This Week? – 28th June #34 #Netgalley #Bookpost #Giveaways #Bookpurchases #Nevertoomanybooks #Kindleunlimited #Lapwrap #Fridaylapwrap

    • Zoé

      Yeah I’m in bed already I’m exhausted and it’s making me ill 🙄 oh really! I will let you know what I think. I hope so! But I doubt it lol xx