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It is 2019!! Still can’t believe it!

It has been such a quiet week for me in the bookland phew! Not a lot has happened on the blog and not a lot of books purchased. Posts are scheduled but not written and I am aiming to get on top of my reading ASAP.

Really excited to be doing my buddy reads and really excited that so many of you lovely bloggers want to join in with me and Kate. I am thinking of setting up a group on Facebook for anyone who wants to join in, so we can have a chat about the book, votes for the next one to read, and a place to drop links and we all share them – what do you think?

One bookish thing I brought is a money jar and I am going to start saving £1.00 for every book I read and then if I remember every month count how many books I have read and put in that amount, so effectively doubling the month. Gives me more money to spend on books. So say hello to Blue

Isn’t he cute!

So no book post this week, but I forgot to upload a picture before that I was sent in the post.

To Kill a Kingdom by [Christo, Alexandra]

On Kindle Unlimited, I got 2 books the prequel to Domini Mortum, looking forward to this one!! And based on a review I awesome read by Books from Dusk till Dawn, I also got The Witching House. I then had to get Alex Lidell books as I keep seeing the covers everywhere, and I love them! Plus I have never read Reverse Harem books before.

I have one book sent for a blog tour, it’s book one in the series as I am on the tour for book two.

And because I loved the other novella by Laurie Baxter I got this book on Prolific

And finally NetGalley…how naughty have I been?

Phew I have been a good girl 🙂

So how has your week been with your books? and generally?

Until next time xx

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8 responses to “What has landed on my lap this week? – 4th January #9 #netgalley #bookpost #giveaways #bookpurchases #nevertoomanybooks #kindleunlimited #lapwrap

  1. jenchaos76

    I have a bunch of books also to list! I went nuts at the library and got my sci-fi reads for February already.

    • Zoe

      My jar came today it’s the cutest! I saw loads of other people doing it. I can finally put some money in it! lol